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Episode starts with Jaya ji praising Simar’s voice. Simar says that she has studied Indian classical music, it is my passion. Jaya ji asks why didn’t you follow it? Simar actually says the music… Aarav listens to them. Jaya ji says that music is devotion, heartbeat is heart, water flow is music, chirping sound of birds is music etc. She asks him to understand his passion and think about his happiness. She says you too have a right to be happy. Her phone comes and goes. Simar Mata folds her hands in front of Rani. Jaya ji goes on talking in front of Gajendra. Gajendra recognizes her as Jaya Prada and says I have seen all her movies, and calls Simar. Aarav comes to Simar. Vivaan compliments Simar for inviting Jaya ji home. He says I will lock the door, Reema says I will play music.

Badi Maa comes there and sees Aarav-Simar and Vivaan-Reema dancing. Gajendra comes there calling Simar and Aarav, when Badi Maa screams and asks them to stop the drama. Reema runs to unplug the music system. Big mother asks with whose permission this song and dance is going on in my house. She says this is my house and there is no market. Gajendra thinks what I was saying, I had missed something. There Jaya ji comes and tells the importance of music. The elder mother says with folded hands that my children did not tell me that you are here. Jaya ji admires her family and says that she is very happy to see them. She says I am getting late and will leave. Badi Maa says if I had known that you were coming, I would have welcomed you. Jaya ji says I am done and admires the music. She says I cannot stay here anymore. Simar tells Badi Maa that Jaya ji came here for Papa. Jaya ji says you are the head of the family, and says I hope you will identify the diamond at the right time. Simar leaves to stop Jaya ji. Jaya ji praises them and tells that their house will soon be filled with happiness, and blesses them. Thank you Simar. Jaya ji leaves. Sasural Simar ka drama…… The elder mother tells Simar to go away from her sight, if she wants her betterment. Everyone is surprised. Simar leaves from there.

Elder mother says the memory of my elder son is gone, but what happened to your memory, today all the family members of Oswal have forgotten the rules and regulations of the house. She says that the girl blinded everyone. Aarav says actually. Badi Maa asks her to keep quiet and tells what Aarav had promised her. She says that since that girl has come here, this talk started and says that before that no one used to sing and dance. She says you all become a part of her drama and says because of this I hate music a lot. They say that music makes a person selfish. She tells that only she knows how she kept that sin away, but that girl always brings it here. She says that no one sees that truth. Simar Oswal is leaving the gate of the haveli when Gajendra faints. The elder mother sees him unconscious and falling down. Simar stops walking. Badi Maa and others run to Gajendra.

Yamini calls Simar and asks if Jaya ji came there. Simar says yes, and Papa’s condition….Yamini Devi asks him to come home and talk. Simar says right. She prays to Mata Rani that Papa gets well soon. Rajendra examines Gajendra. Aarav goes outside and tells that he will dial neurosurgeon’s number. He calls the doctor and asks him to come home for emergency. Dr comes and checks on Gajendra. Badi Maa asks what happened to her. Dr tells that he was tired and tells that everyone told me that you got angry in front of him, which you should not have done. He says you will not be careless towards his health. Badi maa says you are blaming me. Dr. says you are always angry and says if he has such behavior then he cannot cure it. Rajendra comes there and asks Badi Maa to calm down. Aarav says we were doing an experiment at home. Dr. says I have no problem with it, you keep trying and says such people will stay with him who gives him peace and happiness. He leaves. Vivaan says I want to tell you something and tells that he has played music today. Aditi says that I had come out wearing Jaya ji’s dress earlier. Sandhya says that whatever happened in the house, happened today with everyone’s consent. Aarav says I gave permission to the younger one to play music here.

Precap: Yamini Devi asks Simar to promise her and asks her to focus on music. Aarav promises Badi Maa that as long as Simar is here, she will not sing or play any music. Simar sings at Yamini Devi’s house.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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