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Badima informs the family that the gold bangles are missing. Inder says they should be in his room. Rajni says they searched everywhere. Badima says she went to his room to keep clothes, is he hiding bangles to harass her. Ilesh says why will he joke. Inder jokingly said that Dadi’s bangles would not fit on him. Rano says that Badima and Rajni brought the jewels without informing them. Ishika comes inside and asks what happened. Badima says bangles are missing. Ishika says they should not worry as no one came from outside and they can get bangles. Rano says Titli came from outside and they should call her. Badima says they should look elsewhere.

Rano alleges that Titli must have stolen the bangles and hence she has not come down, so they should call and interrogate her. Inder supports her. Rano asks Ishika to bring Titli down. Rajni says she will go and question Titli. Rano stops him and sends Ishika to bring him down. Ishika and Rajni walk to Titli’s room. Titli excitedly tells Ishika that she has finished her work and seeing her tensed up, asks if something is wrong. Ishika says there is a big problem in the house. Rajni says Dadi’s 2 bangles are missing, did she see them. Titli is shocked and asks if they are accusing her and says that she doesn’t know that the jewels are at home, she has found only those ornaments which were given to her by the grandparents and they can check her room. Rajni says they are not blaming her but only asked.

Titli asks where were the jewels. Rajni says in Badima’s cupboard. Titli remembers that she saw Disha coming out of Badima’s room. Rajni takes him down. Inder tells Badima that he needs to file a police complaint. The butterfly goes to them. Rano asks him to return the bangles. Badima stops her and asks Titli if she saw Dadi’s bangles. Rano alleges that only Titli can steal bangles from their house. Inder supports her and Tongue curses Titli.

Rano asks Inder to get Titli out of the house. Badima stops Inder and says that she is sure that Titli cannot do this. Rano says she will reveal when the police interrogate her. Rajni says they can’t accuse Titli without any proof. She continues to accuse Titli and asks Inder to drag her out and hand her over to the police. Inder drags Titli towards the door and asks Ilesh to get the taxi. Disha stops Ilesh and confesses that he stole the bangles from Badima’s room. Inder says that she is lying to save Titli. Disha says that she is not and tells that she stole the bangles to pay off her huge debt.

Inder threw Titli out of the house. Ishaan enters and catches Titli and asks what is happening here. Rano says that Titli stole Daadi’s bangles, so they are taking her to the police station. Badima stops her and asks why she is blaming Titli even after knowing the truth. Ishaan confronts Rano for falsely accusing his wife. Rano asks wife in shock? Ishaan says that she is his wife and a friend before him who always stood by her, so he will stand with her as a friend and they have to face her before Titli can be harmed. He consoles Titli and asks her to come back to the room and not come out until he is there. Disha cries that she stole money to pay off her huge debt and apologizes to everyone. Badima advised him.

Precap: Badima’s tongue rebukes Rano that her heinous act took her away from her son, instead making Titli and Ishaan’s relationship stronger. Ishaan wipes the butterfly’s tears.

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