Sanjog 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita supports Tara and Chanda both against Gauri

Sanjog 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita supports Tara and Chanda both against Gauri

Sanjog 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Amrita supports Tara and Chanda both against Gauri

Sanjog Nov 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Masa tells Amrita not to offend Gauri in front of her daughter, she should apologize to her. Amrita apologizes to Gauri. Mass goes. Amrita asks Gauri why she took away Chanda’s happiness. She deserves all this happiness, my two daughters are the same. Gauri says it felt good when you apologized to me. Amrita says I don’t mind apologizing for my daughters. Gauri says that you must prepare for Tara’s birthday tomorrow, all your family members are busy raising my daughter but they call me a servant. She takes the cake and leaves. Amrita looks.

In the morning the birthday party begins. All the guests are there. Masa says that Tara will have a special entrance. Tara arrives there in a sparkly gold dress. Rajeev and Amrita desire her. Gauri tells Chanda that she has to win whatever it takes. Gauri approaches her other children and tells them not to do anything wrong today. Amrita walks up to Chanda and tells her I know you’re scared to dance in front of her, but let’s pray to Mata Rani. She prays for him. Chanda hugs him. Tara gets jealous seeing this. Tara’s friends say that Chandini looks like a princess, you don’t look as good as her. Tara gets angry.

At the party, Amrita announces to everyone that Tara and Chandini will be performing together. Masa tells the guests that the focus will only be my star. Tara walks up to Chandini and pushes her to the ground. Gauri sees this and thinks that she is my only daughter. Amrita goes to Chandni and asks what happened. Chandini says I sprained my leg, so I can’t dance. Gauri arrives there and says: will you give up without even trying? This pain is bearable, won’t you respect Amrita’s hard work? Chanda says that she is right, I will dance. Amrita says you’re in pain? Chanda says I’ll dance.
Masa tells Rajiv that what was the need for the maid to dance with Tara? Anjali says that she is ruining her daughter’s birthday for a random girl. Chanda goes on stage and performs well. Everyone is enjoying her performance. Gauri says that if she keeps dancing like that, Tara will lose to her, which is what I want. Amrita goes to Chanda and tells her that I am very proud of you. you did great Chanda hugs him. Gauri thinks I have to do something. She goes to the DJ and tries to play a song for Tara, but he won’t let her. Gauri says that I have to defeat Tara and only then will she start to hate Amrita.
The next performance is from Tara. She starts to dance but falls down. They all laugh at him. Rajeev says okay, you can start over. Amrita walks over to him and takes off her shoes. She starts dancing with him. Everyone cheered for him. Gauri gets angry seeing them. All the children praise Tara. Rajeev says well done. Anjali says you were excellent, no one can win against you. That servant’s son cannot compete with you. Amrita says that Chandini had sprained her leg but she still acted. Rajeev says no, no one can beat my daughter. Tara says that means I won? Amrita says that it was not a competition. Rajeev says that you won and tomorrow I will give you a present. Tara says that only I will win. Amrita says don’t be too trusting. Rajeev says that he is sure it is correct.

The tare cake is ready to cut. Amrita says you can cut the cake with Chandni. Tara says no, it’s just my birthday. Rajeev looks at Amrita and whispers to her to stop doing all this in front of the guests. Tara cut the cake. Amrita and Rajiv hug her. Gauri sees this and thinks that God has given everything to some people. She thinks I’ll do something that will make Tara and Chanda hate each other now.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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