Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopal gets to know about Chanda’s real mother

Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopal gets to know about Chanda’s real mother

Sanjog 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gopal gets to know about Chanda’s real mother

Sanjog Oct 31, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

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Gauri tells Amrita that I want the password to the safe room. Amrita says give me one night’s time. Gauri says that she is fine, she leaves. Amrita says I don’t trust her, she’ll keep blackmailing me, so I have to do something.

In the morning, Amrita is worshiping at the temple when she sees Gopal approaching. She gets scared but Gopal helps her get the goods from her. She says I want to thank you for taking care of my chanda and bringing us back. Chanda is my life, I would do anything for her, so thank you for helping her. He’s leaving. Amrita says that it means that Gopal doesn’t know that Tara is his real daughter, but Gauri does.

Gauri comes to Amrita and says that I will get rich soon, you have to give me the password after the night is over. Amrita smiles and says I won’t give you that. Gauri says you know I can take Tara and Chanda from here. Amrita says to go to Gopal and tell him that Chanda is not her real daughter. Gauri says that if you did this, then Gopal will run away with Chanda. Amrita says to stop blackmailing me using Chanda’s name. She gets out of there.

Gauri is furious, her alter ego laughs at her and tells her that you will die as a servant. You can dream big but you can’t win over Amrita. Amrita screams to stop it and breaks perfume in Masa’s room. When Anjali arrives there, Gauri hides from there. Anjali finds the perfume bottle mirror there, but she doesn’t see anyone there. Gauri hides in the closet. Anjali looks for him and says what are you doing? Gauri says that I accidentally broke the bottle and got scared. You can deduct my salary. Anjali slaps him and says will you give me money? You can’t pay with your life, I won’t forgive you. Gauri shouts that I will not forgive you. Amrita gets there and says that they are both wrong. She apologizes to Gauri. Gauri says that she can’t slap me like that. Amrita asks him to calm down and everyone will listen to you. Gauri smiles and says that you are right, apologizes to Anjali and walks away. Amrita tells Anjali not to raise her hand to her. Anjali says stop lecturing me.

Rajeev calls Amrita and shows her the report card, it says that you were responsible for Tara’s studies but you are failing. Anjali says because she pays more attention to the servants than her. Rajeev says that I want a better result. Amrita says that I do everything for the good of my son. She tells them that Tara may have low grades but she is improving, they should encourage her. I’ll make sure Tara studies well.

Gopal asks Gauri to calm down, you shouldn’t have broken the bottle. Gauri says that I cannot fulfill my dream. Gopal says that we are in a good place, our children will be educated and they will not be thieves like us. Gauri shouts that she will continue to be the servant of the others.

Amrita comes to Tara and tells her that you have to study now. Chanda gets there and shows her homework. Amrita praises him and says that she can play. Tara says that I want to play too. Amrita says you have to do your homework first.

Gauri yells at Gopal that I was born poor but I will not die poor. I will do anything to get money, this Amrita has a lot of money that I want. Gopal says we can’t steal anymore. Gauri says that it is not about stealing, we will do something big. Gopal says everything is fine, why are you doing this? She is giving education to our daughter Chanda. Gauri yells that she is not doing it for our daughter, she is doing it because Chanda is her daughter. Gopal was surprised to hear this.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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