Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi imagines Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi imagines Nityam

Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi imagines Nityam

Saavi Ki Sawaari Feb 2, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Saavi smiling thinking about Shivam’s words that she loves Mr. Dishaheen. She imagines Nityam as a pani puri vendor and takes pani puri from him and eats it. She then looks for another person and sees Nityam selling ice cream. She goes there and gets an ice cream. She finds that the seller is someone else. She tries to take the change from the driver of the car and sees Nityam as the driver. She then imagines herself selling toys to Nityam. She sees him playing with the children. Ella pehla nasha gaana bajta hai… she reaches her room and collapses on the bed, telling herself not to go crazy with happiness.

Vedika reaches her old house and asks the servant Raju not to tell anyone. Raju says that I will not tell him anything. Vedika says that I am celebrating Raksham’s birthday since 12 days, if anyone finds out, it will be over. Sonam gives water to Shivam. Shivam asks if he is not happy that they have come here to his house. Sonam says that you must have brought me here to talk or to surprise me. Shivam says that her surprise will be ruined, she asks if she is upset that he took her away from her love and says that you will never get your sister’s love no matter what you do. Sonam remembers Ratna’s words and says that I am not thinking about it and she has no interest in old things, she says aap ki kasam. Shivam says that I will die and says that even a fool will know how much Savi loves her husband and that you are not a fool. Sonam asks why we are talking about her. She asks what’s the surprise. Sonam says it’s not my birthday and asks if today is our anniversary. Shivam says that the day after tomorrow is my birthday. Vedika says that the day after tomorrow is your birthday. Sonam asks what you want to do on your birthday.

Shivam says that he likes to eat aloo puri on his birthday and Vedika reminds him to eat it. Vedika says that he will do aloo puri and you used to run after breakfast to play cricket. Shivam says that he used to play cricket after breakfast. Vedika takes the bat from him and says that you have broken many glass with him. Shivam says that maa used to tell me stories, and I used to tell maa more… Vedika says that you used to fall asleep listening to the story, and then you would wake up and eat your favorite cake. Shivam says that Maa used to make me my favorite pineapple cake. Vedika bakes a cake for him. Sonam tells Shivam that he doesn’t know how to tell stories, how to make cake or potato puri. He says I don’t know what’s in the kitchen. Shivam says don’t do anything let me be in your memories. He asks her to marry him on his birthday, saying that it would be the best birthday present for him. Sonam asks what are you saying. Shivam says that he has registered his name in the temple of Lakshmi Narayan for his marriage. Vedika says that she has held a puja for him at the Lakshmi Narayan temple. Sonam asks her to let his family members come first. Shivam says not to tell Savi anything now and says that she wants to stand up before telling anyone. He says that if you find another rich man, then you can change your mind. Sonam says that he is happy. Shivam gives the sign-in sheet to Sonam and is about to leave. Sonam remembers preparing to marry Nityam and becomes depressed. Shivam sees her and leaves.

(imaginary scene) Savi is resting on her bed. She sees that Nityam is asking her to work hard to achieve her dreams. Savi asks if I should work hard. Nityam says how much I tried on my part to show you… Savi asks what did you do? Nityam says that you want data and proof, and he says that I gave you a lot of hints and advice since our marriage, and you couldn’t understand. Savi says that you are saying anything. Nityam says you don’t remember but I will remind you. He says that I was hungry and thirsty on the day of Karwachauth, because you were fasting. Saavi says yes, I remember, Tashvi told me that Mr. Dishaheen ate after breaking my fast. Nityam says you finally remembered. Savi says you did it fast, but you were upset when my first rasoi rasam happened, and she says you won’t remember what I did. Nityam says gulab jamun and asks who had all the jamuns. Savi says that if you liked it, you should have told me. She says that when I started living in your room, I couldn’t sleep with air conditioning and I was cold. Nityam says what did I bring a chair fan for you. He says that she made halwa when she was sleeping enjoying the breeze from the fan. Savi says that you gave me mixed signals and says that during the golden jubilee anniversary, everyone was happy for Dadu and UD and you were happy that I am leaving home. Nityam asks who was dancing with you for the golden jubilee performance, she says that she learned the steps from her and danced looking into her eyes. He asks if she didn’t see that. Saavi wears his uniform and says that I did not see your signs, since you did not accept me with Chhatriprasad, and you hated it so much that you broke it. She says how will I understand your signals. Nityam says that I took a big wrong step in anger and asks if you thought I would do it for someone else, he says that he worked hard with hunger and thirst and brought Chhatriprasad back so that his family could. May hopes not be dashed. Savi thinks that I didn’t understand, there is no need to express everything, and the other person will understand, and says that I couldn’t see the love in your heart because of your hate, and I told you that I hate you. Hoon, I’m angry and he tells her that she will be his life partner which she deserves and tells her how he feels about him. She says I love you Mr. Dalmiya.

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