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Kabir blindfolds Kamya and asks her to trust her. He learns that he has forgotten his jacket. Sikander brings the jacket for her and asks her to leave and confesses his feelings for Kamya and thinks that the real drama is yet to come. Kabir kneels in front of Kamya and proposes to her with a ring, expressing his feelings for her. Kamya withdraws her hand in shock and the ring falls down. Kabir chooses her again and proposes to her again. Kamya removes her blindfold, is shocked to see him wearing Anant’s jacket, and wonders if she has killed Anant. Kabir asks her to take her time, but her knees are hurting. Kamya asks him to remove that jacket now. He removes the jacket and thinks he thought of surprising her, but he startled her. She checks it and confirming it Anant asks from where did he get this jacket. He asks how does it matter. She says it matters a lot as it belongs to Anant. He is also shocked to hear this. She asks if she has met Anant and asks if he is connected to the killer or is the killer himself. He asks if she has gone mad to accuse him of murder. She says that now she understood and remembering all the incidents alleges that she gave information to the goons. He asks if he thinks he has done all this. She asks who else can do this as he was acting as her savior and after connecting all the dots she realizes that he has engaged her so that she cannot reach the infinite killer that she is.

Sikander calls Arjun, says that the drama has started here, and asks him to go ahead with his plan.

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