CHENNAI: Since Saturday, Poland India Business Council President Jagdeshwar Rao Maddukuri, as well as several other businessmen in Poland, have been rendering their services in evacuating Indian students from Ukraine and back home. They are all working on less than two hours of sleep a day, but it is “our duty”, says the 55-year-old entrepreneur.
“I came to Poland as a student 37 years ago. I understand what they and their parents are going through in India,” says Rao, who is driving between the borders every day.
Rao, who is coordinating with the Indian and Polish embassies, says the students were kept at gas stations and other shops in the area until they were taken to Poland via Budomierz, a village in southeastern Poland close to the border with Ukraine. Is. “Even some students volunteered to stay back and help with logistics. Though buses are being arranged for the students, it is a slow process as many buses are being diverted towards Kyiv for the deployment of troops.
Rao says the situation is dire and the students are desperate because of the cold. “But we are in touch with the students, and though a slow process, they are being taken out in batches. They are safe and have a place to live with food and electricity.”
Rao says he has received information that each of the two flights coming from India will carry 16 tonnes of relief material. In addition, there are two flights to India from Rzezow in Poland on the evening of March 1, bringing back a batch of students.

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