The US Defense Department has said Russia is “disappointed” by Ukraine’s stiff resistance.

Moscow has also accused Ukraine of using civilians as human shields.


Russia’s military moved less rapidly than planned in the five days of the war in Ukraine, but experts warned on Monday against jumping to conclusions from an apparent slowdown.

The military is preparing to strike Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and other cities and, at the same time, seek to consolidate its assault forces in the south of the country.

Both tactics could certainly harm many more civilians.

– not stuck –

The US Defense Department has said Russia is “disappointed” by Ukraine’s stiff resistance, adding that half of Moscow’s troops formerly on the border were now inside Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Russian soldiers to lay down their weapons, telling them to “just save their lives”.

But experts say the Russian war effort is far from running out of steam.

“They are not complicit,” said Olivier Kempf, head of strategy consultancy, La Vigy.

“It’s a war, so there are difficulties. They may have logistics issues. But from what we’ve been told, they’re making progress,” he told AFP. “Only in a video game can you conquer a country in two days.”

Nick Brown at the British Defense Intelligence Service, Jens, said Russia’s overall superiority, especially in the skies, gives it “a significant degree of freedom of movement across the country”.

“Satellite imagery of tall columns of vehicles in the open shows they are confident of their position and Ukraine’s incompetence,” he said.

– Southern Link-up –

Fighting continues in southern Ukraine, where Russian forces have advanced beyond Crimea, leaving only a few dozen kilometers (miles) of gap between the Russian army’s southwestern and southeastern flanks.

Ukraine’s forces are battling hard to stop the nexus of the two Russian attack wings, which experts say will be a game-changer.

The strategic port cities of Odessa in the west and Mariupol – still near Ukraine – in the east are the region’s major targets for Russia.

The fall of Mariupol would “allow territorial continuity between the Rostov-on-Don region and Crimea”, a French military source said, who declined to be named.

The source said this would give Russia a chance to “absorb or capture” the entire east of Ukraine.

Brown cautioned that Russia could also engage in a pincer movement against Ukrainian forces in the detached Donbass region – even if it would “seize, hold and dominate the covered area to ensure its security”. be a challenge.

– to strike indiscriminately –

Civilian casualties remain at several hundred on the Ukrainian side, and Russia has told Kyiv residents that they are free to leave the city to the south.

Moscow has also accused Ukraine of using civilians as human shields.

“Ukraine is not like Syria to the Russians,” said a European diplomatic source. “It’s far more difficult for them to justify carpet-bombing.”

Aware that many Russians in Ukraine have friends and family, Putin deliberately labeled the leadership in Kyiv “Nazis”, the source said, because “the Russians do not start by thinking of Ukrainians as enemies”.

A French military source said the population’s call to leave Kyiv could prepare the ground for more intense airstrikes on the capital.

Meanwhile, in Kharkiv, Russian forces are firing rockets in an intense struggle for Ukraine’s second largest city, the source said.

“It means that the Russians are working harder, more and more indiscriminately,” the source said. “The days ahead will be very difficult.”

The scene was shared elsewhere, with a security source telling AFP that a second Russian attack wave was “imminent”.

“They are preparing something really massive,” a diplomatic source said.

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