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Riyansh TS – Correcting Injustice – Part 1

This is a TS ie it has 2 parts.. don’t worry it is not on the path of revenge.. i personally hate it.. so please try it….


Vansh and Riddhima are in Manali… stayed overnight at the resort due to bad weather.

Riddhima: Vansh I know I have hurt you a lot but please forgive me. I promise that I will fill your life with so much love that you will forget this betrayal.

Saying this Riddhima hugged Hin. The dynasty remained silent. He neither hugs her nor pushes her away.

a few minutes later they ate their food

Vansh: What is the most important thing in your life, sweetheart?

Riddhima: The identity that you have given me descendants. My name is Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania because it makes me feel that I am yours.

After sometime Ridhu falls asleep because Vansh had put sleeping pills in her food.

Vansh: Angre I have learned that he can be in pain. Be ready for our plan. Explain everything to the family members and ask Ahana to be ready. I want to give her the same pain that I went through. But before that you send me the CCTV footage of the day Riddhima entered the VR Mansion. I want to take revenge for what he has done to me. Now she will understand what is the result of betraying Vansh Rai Singhania.

About an hour later, Angre sends the CCTV footage. Vansh sees how his own family members create doubts in Riddhima’s mind, Anupriya scatters pieces of glass on the way to the temple, Ishani and Anupriya throw her in a room full of coal, Ridhu remembers her, Staying away from Kabir, Chachi and Aryan kidnap him and put him in the trunk of their car and then put him in Ravana’s stash, Ridhu argues with Kabir and finds evidence for his innocence, Kabir-Anupriya confesses the truth and gives him an electric shock, about Ridhu drinking poison in the mandap and Kabir phads the letter Ridhu writes to Vansh and creates misunderstanding between them.

Vansh was shocked seeing all this and didn’t know how to react.

He got a call angrily,

Angre (voice suffocating to tears): I’m sorry boss.

Vansh: What happened Angre? Is everything fine?

Angre: I know you didn’t tell me but I can’t believe that sister-in-law has cheated on you. I saw him taking care of you. How did she break when you got hurt? I have seen his innocence and most importantly he always treated me like his brother. So I tried to know something about him and I found a video of him with Kabir. Please watch this boss.

Vansh saw the video, it was from the time of Karva Chauth. She sees how Riddhima tells Kabir that she loves Vansh and can’t cheat her even unknowingly so she is going to confess her truth, Kabir is trying to instigate her against Vansh. What will be the consequences after knowing the truth? But she was intent on taking any punishment.

Vansh was shocked that how could she love him so much. He remembered how she was trying to tell him the truth during Karva Chauth and even at Ishani’s wedding but she stopped him.

Vansh (being emotionless): OK Angre. There is no need to tell anyone anything. Call fake media and cancel plans to call real media

Angre: But boss…

Vansh: Do as I Tell I

Angre: ok boss

Angre broke down after talking to Vansh,

Vansh (crying): How could I do this to my beloved in my desire for revenge… to satisfy my ego I had forgotten that she was the same girl who shot twice and saved my life that was for me…i have done with her she still loves me,she trusted me even after vihaan came in life,even after plotting against her with ahana,she kept quiet and every faced the thing. She was used by her first love and I was about to repeat it too. I was the one who always stopped him from speaking the truth, I told him it didn’t matter but still I took revenge on him. Even after all this, he confessed his truth in the glass house but that Kabira I…(dangerous tone) Kabir Trust me once I solve every problem between Riddhima and me and repent for my mistakes I will beg you to die. You will curse the day you created a misunderstanding between me and my dear.

Ridhu’s unconscious figure,

Vansh (His voice is suffocating due to tears): I am sorry sweetheart… I am really sorry… I know you had to go through all this, but I promise that from now on you will not face any difficulty Will have. I will rectify all my wrongdoings… now you will get justice.

the next morning,
Riddhima wakes up and tries to find Vansh but she is all alone. Just then he finds a note which reads “Come to VR Haveli with my driver sweetheart. You are going to see something that you will never forget in your life…

your lineage”

(I don’t want to drag this scene..so…)Ridhu reaches VR Mansion

As soon as she enters the VR Mansion. She gets shocked seeing the media present there. he realizes there’s got to be a convention

Vansh looks at her and then says in her VR style

Vansh: Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, I invite all of you here to introduce someone special.. Meri Zindagi .. Meri Jaan .. Meri Sweetheart .. My Wife Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania.

Ahana comes forward as soon as Vansh says this.

And then some are shocked and some are surprised……

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