Rishton Ka Manjha 8th March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Diya tells her family that we did well. Madhuri says Diya’s acting was very good. Arjun says praise me too. Diya says you did well. Arjun says our fight will start now, I don’t think Pyaar will sign the papers without reading. Diya says Tarun will be there, he will check the papers and tells Luv that they are good to go then Luv will sign without reading anything. Madhuri says I too hope now that we will get our home back. Arjun says we should believe in ourselves.

Niharika tells Luv that I am excited about this deal. Luv says I have allotted a cabin in office for you, you have to work with me. Niharika says Khush and I are with you. Luv says I don’t trust Khush, I need your help. I have arranged a loan and put this house in debt. I am taking the risk for this project. Tarun comes there and says you will benefit a lot from this project. He says owner will come here tomorrow, I have checked all papers and they look good. Love says I trust you.

Tarun calls Diya and says I will get Luv and Niharika to sign the papers which will give back the property and business to Amitabh. Thank you Diya. Tarun says I am doing right thing, I know Arjun is working hard on his badminton career too. Diya says thank you for helping us, she ends the call.

Diya, Dipika and Madhuri are getting ready to meet Luv and Niharika. Arjun comes there and asks where is mother? Diya says mother is emotional as we have to go to our house, we will handle her without mother, we will tell her that she is not well. Arjun says okay.

Niharika and Luv are preparing to welcome the property owners. Prem says why are they not here? Niharika says just wait a while, I have sent Khush out of the house. Tarun comes there and says I have arranged for the settlement. He asks Luv and Niharika to see the papers. Love says I trust you, everything will be fine. Niharika says should we start signing the papers? Tarun says no, he thinks I will not be able to switch papers if he starts signing now, says we should wait for him as he may have trust issues. Arjun, Diya and Dipika come there. Prem says this is our home. Diya remembers how she threw them out. Diya says your house is beautiful. Niharika says it is old fashioned but I have called an interior designer, she asks about his mother? Diya says she was not well but we will take the papers and get her signature. Niharika says its fine. They all sit down. Diya says we are not used to bright light so we are wearing shades. Niharika serves them refreshments and says we will transfer your advance amount. Diya says we will wait for this. Arjun eats some sweets and says I am excited. Prem gets a message that says money transfer has started. Diya says it is good. Arjun tells Tarun that in the meantime let’s see the papers. Tarun sits beside her, they try to exchange the papers. Diya keeps Niharika and Luv entangled in meaningless talk. Deepika keeps praising Niharika’s fashion. Arjun exchanges the papers and signals to Diya.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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