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scene 1
Madhuri and Deepika come to Arjun’s room. Madhuri says you have decorated it well, we have to stop Arjun and Diya from entering the room before night. Dipika says we can lock the room. Madhuri says what will we tell them why did we do this? Dipika says we can say that the priest asked us to close it for cleaning. Madhuri says it is a good idea. She says I think our house will be filled with happiness now. Dipika says you are right.

During the night, Dipika keeps Diya busy and does not allow her to enter the room. Khush says I will handle Arjun in the meantime. Dipika asks Diya to get ready. What does Diya say? It’s night, I have to sleep. Dipika says I want to give you a new rise, can you allow me to do that? Diya shakes her head and blushes.

Arjun is going to his room but Khush stops him and says I have to talk to you. Arjun says what is the matter? Khush says I am bored now so sit with me for sometime. Arjun shook his head.

Deepika brings Diya’s make-up to her room. Kush brings Arjun to the room. They both blushed seeing the room being decorated. Dipika says this room is ready for special night. Khush and Dipika drop them in the room. Diya looks away. Arjun says I will lock the door, I mean if you want. Diya shakes her head and strangely says Dipika did all this, I should have understood that she was about to do something. She tries to leave but Arjun says can you stay here with me for sometime. I want to tell you something. Let’s talk today. I never thought I would say that but when you are near me I feel so many emotions, my heart beats fast and I never want to be away from you. When you see me, I forget everything. He goes close to her and makes her sit. Arjun makes her wear anklets and says I want to say only what is in my heart. Diya says then say. Arjun says I was lost before meeting you but I think I am at peace now, I fell in love with you. I love you. Diya looks on. Arjun says I didn’t even know what love was before, but I can’t imagine my life without you now, so I want to give my everything to you. I want to be yours and I want to make you mine.. Me.. Diya murmurs I love you too. Arjun pulled her closer. Ek heart hai rings and Arjun hugs her from behind. Arjun caresses her face and she looks down. They both sit on the bed. Arjun makes her lie on the bed and they both complete their marriage.

scene 2
In the morning Diya wakes up and realizes that she is lying on Arjun. She looks at the one who is sleeping. Diya caresses his face and smiles. She hears a knock on the door and goes to open it. Dipika enters and says good morning. Diya looks away and blushes. Deepika said what happened? You must not have slept well. Sorry I had to come here because your mom is down. Diya says she is here? I’ll come down

Diya comes to her mother who cries and says they took Bablo, he did not come from schools and then I get a call from a kidnapper who has Bablo. She says your father is not even in the city, what should I do? Diya says who will kidnap Bablo? His mother says it is happening because of you. They want you not to play matches with Arjun. Diya says it means Karan is behind all this. His mother says I never stopped you from playing but this is about your brother’s life now, I know it is your dream to play with Arjun but it is now about Bablo’s life. Arjun calls Diya so his mother promises not to tell anything to Arjun, he might do something that will harm Bablo. Arjun comes there and asks what is happening? Diya looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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