Rishton Ka Manjha 10th March 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Arjun tells Luv that Tarun is presenting to him now. Pyaar asks Tarun what is he talking about? Tarun shows her the property papers which he and Niharika had signed. Diya says you have signed the papers which says you have given back the business and property to Amitabh. Lav says we did not sign any paper. Arjun says have you lost your mind now? You just signed the papers yesterday. Niharika says they were our deal papers. Pyaar shouts at Tarun that we had faith in you, I will kill you. Arjun says you should not talk of trust, you have broken the trust of your family. Luv says I didn’t do anything wrong, I just took what I had right. Arjun says so we took it back as our right, you want to know how we did it. Diya tells them about her plan and how she fooled them into being the owners of some property. Luv says what about the money transferred by me? Arjun says I have that money. Diya says don’t take tension, she sends a broker’s number to Niharika and says you can ask her to get a small house for both of you. You can shift to the house we are living in. Pyaar shouts at Tarun that why did you betray us? Tarun says you have cheated your family so I only took the side of right. Prem says you all have cheated me. Diya says you are reaping what you sow. You betrayed your family and kept hurting Deepika. Arjun says I can send both of you to jail but we are not like you.

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Update Credits: Atiba

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