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Ration Card Update: How to add children’s name in ration card, know which documents will be required here. ,


Ration Card Update : To add the name of children in the ration card, passport size photograph of the head of the household, birth certificate of the child and Aadhaar card of the child will be mainly needed. Without this the name cannot be added.

Ration Card Update: Ration card holders get ration according to their family members. If you are also a ration card holder, then you would know that the ration is provided according to the unit from the shop. That is why it is very important that the name of all the members of your family should be there in the ration card. Because if this does not happen then you will get less ration. Therefore, if the name of any elder or child in your family is not in the ration card, then get it twinned now. In order to get anything checked, changed or added in the ration card, you have to National Food Security Portal (national food security portal) only.

You can add a new unit to the ration card by visiting the website of the National Food Security Portal. This work can be easily accomplished by following a few steps. But what documents will be needed to add the names of children in the ration card, let us tell.

These documents are required to add the name:

1. Passport size photograph of the head of the household: To link the name of the child with the ration card, you will need the most important document and the first passport size photo of the head of the house. Actually, the ration card contains the picture of the head of the family. Therefore, his photo will also be needed to add this name.

2. Birth certificate of the child: The second important document for getting the name added will be the child’s certificate. Actually, to register the name of the child, a birth certificate issued from the Municipal Corporation, Municipality or Gram Panchayat will be required. So if you don’t have a certificate, please provide one.

3. Certificate in case of child adoption: If you have adopted a child, in that case you will need an adoption certificate of the child. Let us tell you, when you add the name of the child, then keep this document with you.

4. Photocopy of Aadhar Card of Children: Aadhar card is the most important document, which is used as a proof of identity. Nowadays, the Aadhar card of the children is also made, that is, you will also have the Aadhar card of your child available with you. You will also need a photocopy of it to get the name of the child added.

Keep in mind that, to get the names of children added, you have to fill and submit the application form. Along with this it is also necessary to submit all the documents. At the same time, after checking the officer, the name of the child will be added to the ration card.



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