Ration Card Big Alert: The money will have to be returned to the person who messed up on the ration card, the administration became strict on the scammer. ,


Once again the administration has become strict on the people who make disturbances on the ration card. Taking stern action, the district administration, showing strictness to the people who messed up the ration card, would now have to return the food grains to the person who swallowed the government morsel on the other’s ration card. There is a case related to Goraipur Balba village of Nagarnausa of Bihar Sharif. Muskan Kumari was lifting food grains on the ration card of another person in a fake manner. Ration Card Big Alert

DSO Pramod Kumar said that Balkrind Prasad of Goraipar Balwa of Nagarnausa has filed a public complaint for the closure of one of the two ration cards. His statement is that he is taking food grains on the new ration card. The old ration card is being taken advantage of by a smiley kumari. who is not a member of their household. Ration Card Big Alert

In this case, in the report given by Nagarnausa MO on 8.07.2021, it has been said that in case of double card of the complainant, a card has been dedicated to Hilsa Sub-Divisional Officer on 3.05.2021 to cancel the card. Here, after checking online for the lifting of the said ration card by the DSO, it was found that food grains are still being given by Krishna Prasad, the vendor of Goraipar Panchayat, to Muskaan Kumari woman. Ration Card Big Alert

The DSO said that there is a provision to cancel the ration card by the sub-division itself. On receiving orders from the public grievance, the sub-divisional officer has been re-dedicated to cancel the ration card. According to the order, the money for the grain will also be recovered from the person who lifts the grain. Ration Card Big Alert



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