Rajjo 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun defends Rajjo

Rajjo 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun defends Rajjo

Rajjo 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun defends Rajjo

Rajjo Jan 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Pushkar and Madhu arguing. He says don’t you dare slap my Kalindi. He gets angry. He says Chirag, you’re listening to everything, you had an idea that Rocky can do this, why didn’t you do anything? Rajjo says that Chirag has also installed security cameras. Rocky says I went in instead of the delivery man, thanks Rajjo. Pushkar scolds Rajjo. She says I got the food, she was kept outside, no one went in before me, I swear on my mother. She says that you took revenge on Kalindi when she failed in the race. Arjun says that you think Rajjo is like that. Pushkar says you will favor your wife but I must say you are supporting your wife, Chirag is not saying a word for his wife, I will spit fire today, I will not spare this girl, who wants my daughter to die. She accuses Rajjo. Madhu says you can interrogate Rajjo, it’s no use, Kalindi has done something wrong, she had an affair with her husband’s brother, if yelling at Rajjo brings peace then yell but Kalindi has one. Ask Barb what made her hook up with Rocky. Pushkar says sorry I forgot Rajjo has become your daughter in law you have changed your heart I don’t know how suddenly. Madhu says it was my mistake, I rectified it, what’s your problem with Rajjo you hate him, don’t do this, it’s not legal. Jhilmil says ok we accept that Rajjo is not wrong but Rocky was wrong about Kalindi she hid the affair from him. He is absolutely right, she is wrong. She says that we got careless because she has hidden it. She says yes, there is an eclipse in this house. Arjun yells just shut up no one will blame Rajjo stop blaming him let Kalindi regain consciousness she will tell us everything. Jhilmil asks him not to support Rajjo today. Arjun says that I am showing maturity. He warns Pushkar. Pratap asks Arjun to calm down.

Arjun argues with Pushkar. He yells at Pushkar. Rajjo says sorry please don’t fight for my sake. Chirag says that there is no need to say anything, Rajjo. He asks Pushkar to talk to Madhu and Rajjo politely. He says that Rajjo was trying to save Kalindi and my marriage. Kalindi regains consciousness. She listens to Chirag. Chirag says that Rajjo saved my life when I went to end my life in front of a truck, Rajjo saved me, he gave me a new life, his life was upside down, but he thought of Kalindi and me, he saved us from scattering. Except, he supported us. Kalindi Swara says that I am very lucky. Swara says relax, don’t talk. Chirag says that Rajjo was with me, I know her, what he did for me, I know he was not to blame for her today, how can you call her bad? Pushkar asks how is it my daughter’s fault? Madhu says that it is her fault. He said no. Chirag yells it’s my fault, I’m wrong about this, if she had regained consciousness in time and stopped drinking, this wouldn’t have happened.

He says that I ask you not to do this drama until Kalindi gets better, please stop, when Kalindi gets better, I will punish Rocky. Chirag goes to Kalindi. He says that I take care of everything. Rajjo says I did this to give Chirag and Kalindi’s relationship another chance, I know it’s hard. Arjun says I know they have to work on their relationship, I don’t doubt you, you care about Chirag, you didn’t tell me anything. He says I want to know, it’s easy for you to lie to me, you’re my wife, I’m sorry you have nothing to share with me, you share your feelings with Chirag and Kalindi. She says that this matter is old, when you were going to marry Urvashi. Arjun says you had many chances to tell me, I told you, you won’t keep secrets, I won’t forgive you, we don’t have the truth to tell each other. Pushkar asks Niharika to come back home. He says that your training will start tomorrow. She says Kalindi…She says you have to follow my schedule, she goes and informs Rajjo too. She goes. She says that I will kill Rajjo.

Rajjo says that mom says that every round of marriage matters a lot, but we didn’t do rounds. Arjuna says that some things are based on faith and union, not just rituals. She says that we must keep the marriage as well, this relationship is not just a bond but a sacred bond. He asks what else? Niharika is coming. She says sorry the door was open so I came Rajjo your training will start tomorrow I have to do your shopping come with me. They go

Pushkar has Bunty grind iron into powder. He says that now the iron has turned to clay, I want Rajjo to eat it. He takes iron powder and says that I will give this iron powder to Rajjo, she will die. it’s morning Rajjo and Arjun show the annoyance of her. They start arguing. He says I’m sorry for what I did in the past, now you are free, don’t do any work for me, I don’t expect anything from you, without trust the relationship is superficial, like our marriage.

Rajjo is shocked to see the fire in the microwave.

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