Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi makes Arjun doubt Rajjo

Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi makes Arjun doubt Rajjo

Rajjo 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Urvashi makes Arjun doubt Rajjo

Rajjo Oct 30, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

The episode begins with Arjun taking Rajjo to the warehouse. Urvashi asks Madhu and Pratap to stop Arjun. She works. Chirag says it was no small thing, the fire was thick, Rajjo dares to go to it, he should get credit. Madhu stops Chirag and gets angry. Kalindi says that Urvashi’s fast has not been completed. Madhu says that Arjuna was saved thanks to Urvashi’s fast. Pratap says yes, it’s good that Arjun was saved. Kartik says that it is good that Rajjo is safe too. Mukund says yes, finish the puja early and then we’ll go downstairs. Pushkar gets angry. Madhu asks Urvashi not to be disappointed. She says that Rajjo won today but we will win this fight, Arjun is on our side. Arjun worries about Rajjo. Every day… he plays… Rajjo looks at her. He asks why you jumped into the fire to save me. She asks why you came here, as I told you, I have protected you, I am not what you think of me. He Cough. She gives him water. He says eat and sleep, it’s fine. she thanks him. He asks him to rest now, he doesn’t need to lie down outside her room. She says I sleep safely, don’t worry. He goes.

Urvashi arrives and asks if you’re okay. He says yes. She says that she was going to jump into the fire but… says Chirag but your uncles stopped you, but no one could stop Rajjo, I salute his courage. Arjun says don’t confuse me, he is greedy, he has a reason to come here, what did he do today, a selfish person can’t do this, I am confused. Chirag says that you know that everyone loves you, we all tried to save you but we didn’t dare throw ourselves into the fire, I was scared too but Rajjo wasn’t scared, without thinking he maintained the relationship that we believe is the right one. hand, I can see everything clearly, Rajjo will always be by your side. Urvashi says that I am that person in his life, I am his fiancé. Arjun says don’t misunderstand Chirag. He says you didn’t know his true intentions. she argues. She says that I have seen her leave her at about 4 in the morning and then come home with money, she does not know that she is stealing money, chase her and then clear her doubts, her heart does not will believe Rajjo sits down to eat. She stops eating and says no… Arjun thinks about Rajjo’s words. Rajjo sees fruits and vegetables in the fridge. She eats meatballs. Urvashi and Pushkar argue. She says you failed in your plan.

He says I have to think of something new. She says I’ll plan something tomorrow too, I guarantee I won’t fail like you. She makes fun of him. Logic. She says I know you have old scores to settle with Rajjo, I need money to pay off my father’s debt, I love Arjun very much. He jokes with her. She says that you cannot see Kalindi and Rajjo the same, dare to say this to the Thakur family, everyone here is selfish, me too, I want to live in love and luxury, what is wrong. She says do something your way and then I’ll give you the report card, we’ll know who passes and who fails. He goes. She says that I will make Rajjo fall before Arjun’s eyes. Arjun goes to the door and sees Rajjo. He asks you what you are doing here. Rajjo says that you have locked the door and that he has a bat in his hand. He says yes, I asked you to go to sleep, you’re hurt. She smiles and says that your scolding reminds me of old times, you used to scold me lovingly before.

Arjun says that you can never become Rajjo Singh Thakur, you cannot participate in Diwali racing competition. Rajjo says okay, I’ll participate as Rajjo. She argues with him. She says you compete with me if you dare, we’ll see who wins.

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