Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Rajjo 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Rajjo Nov 10, 2022 Written Episode Update

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In today’s episode of Rajjo we saw that Urvashi cheers for Arjun while Chirag and Siya support Rajjo. Both Rajjo and Arjun prepare for the race. Siya asks Rajjo to win the race and defeat Arjun. Urvashi tries to stop her but Chirag supports her and tells her that she is not doing anything wrong.

Pankhuri tells them that it will be a 7 km marathon and that they must return to the starting point. Urvashi says that Arjun already won because Rajjo does not have the proper dress code for the race. Rajjo asks him what he is talking about. Arjun tells him that he is not wearing shoes. Chirag says that he has already broken many rules by setting the time and date of the marathon and if Rajjo breaks a rule, he is fine.

Rajjo tells Chirag not to argue with him. She says that she will be back with the shoes before 5 pm. Chirag is about to help him but Madhu stops him and asks him to choose between him and Rajjo. With only 15 minutes left in the race, she goes to the hospital to check her shoes. She gets the shoes, but they are bigger than the size she needs. She cries unconsciously. The doctor comes and asks for money and says that they have to give her mother a license, she does not pay fees. She runs with her dupatta full of shoes. She says that her legs hurt but that she will run for her mother’s sake.

Rajjo arrives on time at the starting point of the race. The Thakur family makes fun of his shoes and says that he will fall in these shoes. Rajjo says that he doesn’t have to worry about his health. The courier comes with a package for Rajjo. The package contains Rajjo’s shoes that were sent by Coach Sinha. He puts on his shoes and prepares for the race. Chirag approaches Arjun and tells him that he remembers the shape of Rajjo’s feet and that his messenger arrived on time. Arjun says that he plays fair.

The race begins. Arjun wishes Rajjo well and asks him to do his best in the race. He says that only then will he feel the joy of defeating her. Pankhuri asks the children to follow them on the bike.

Precap: Arjun loses to Rajjo. Rajjo celebrates his victory. Arjun fainted. Rajjo receives a call from Kaká. He says that the doctors are discharging his mother. Rajjo is now determined to save his mother and Arjun.

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Update Credits: Kritias

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