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Radha tells Hans that he will get 2 chances if he does not forcefully marry the citizens of Dwarka. Hans says he just 1 chance. Krishna smiles. Hans gets angry and asks him to stop smiling. Krishna says that he had already told him that Radha was no ordinary woman, one of her hands was heavier than the wealth of a swan. Hans says that he will bring more money. Krishna says let’s see and go. Dimbak asks Hans which king they will rob now. Hans says that he has a boon from Mahadev and will find gold with his powers. Krishna tells Radha that Hans does not know that she is Narayan’s Narayani and it is difficult to defeat her.

An Asura awakens Shukracharya and informs that the reputation of the Asura clan is at stake and reveals what Hans did. Shukracharya gets furious at Hans and decides to protect the dignity of his clan anyway. The ovum told Hans that he could not make arrangements for sleeping. Shukracharya comes in and informs him that he knows from where he can get the gold and learns that he can get the gold from Kubera, the keeper of wealth. Hans is happy to hear this. Shukracharya says that once he grabs Kuber’s property and marries Radha, he will attend their wedding. Kuber orders Dimbak to make arrangements to attack Kubera.

Kuber learns that Hans is planning to attack him and seeks the help of Indradev and other gods. They all approach Mahadev and request him to take back his boons and weapons given to Hans. Mahadev says that he cannot take them back. Disappointed, they walk back. Balram asks Kanha to do something, but Kanha tells him to wait and watch the destruction of Hans. Hans gets ready to attack Kuber. Dimbak warned him that he could not defeat the army of the gods. Hans tells him to trust his brother. Kuber walks in and says that he accepts his defeat, gives all his wealth, and leaves. Hans becomes happy and eager to marry Radha.

Precap: Hans tries to kidnap Radha by force.
Krishna decided to kill Hans.

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