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Radha serves kheer to Krishna and says that Hans’s drama will end soon. Hans tells Shukracharya that they both want Krishna’s end and asks him to tell him how to get Radha forever. Shukracharya uses his superpowers and informs him to look for Krishna’s clothes and weigh Radha with him. Hans laughs and says that when Kubera’s wealth is no more than Radha’s, will Krishna’s small cloth be heavy on him. Shukracharya says that Radha and Krishna are images of each other, they should just do what they say.

Hans Radha goes to Krishna and enjoys seeing Kheer. He thanks Krishna for his hospitality. Krishna asks the reason for his coming. Hans says that he will be busy with Radha after marriage, so he comes to talk to her. Krishna asks him to be special. Hans wants his clothes and hands tight. Krishna refuses. Hans says it is an insult to him. Radha asks Krishna to give it. Krishna refuses. Hans asks her to admit that he has cheated on her or else give her her clothes. Krishna says he can think whatever he wants. Failure to do so, Hans threatens to destroy Dwarka and asks her to take a decision. Krishna says that he promised not to interfere between them, so he will not give his clothes. Radha tries to stop Hans, but he leaves, warning him of the consequences.

Hans ordered his Asuras to forcibly marry the youths of Dwarka and snatch their property. Dimbak requests Hans to stop his injustice and back down. Hans warns not to interfere or else he too will face dire consequences. Balram and Sambha assured of devastation and instigated the soldiers to fight. Hans goes to Radha and forcefully takes her along. Revathi and Rukmini saw this and ran to inform Krishna. Balram and Sambh fail to stop Hans. Hans takes Radha to the seashore and tries to forcefully marry her. Krishna reaches there and warns them not to make such a big mistake and spare Radha. Hans taunts and humiliates him. Krishna asks Radha if she really wants to marry Hans. She says no. Krishna tells Hans that at least now fix your ways. Hans denies and says that Krishna cannot defeat him. Radha warns him not to call his own end. Krishna says that he will definitely eliminate Hans.

Precap: Hans claims that he has Mahadev’s boons and weapons and Krishna cannot face him. Krishna says that when it is a question of Radha, nothing is impossible for him and beats the swan. Mahadev gets angry seeing this.

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