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Radha hides her face along with Sambha, Nishat and Pradyumna towards the mass wedding venue of Hans and Dimbak. Sambh says father will get angry if he comes to know that she has come here. She says that they will not tell her about it. She reaches the venue and sees Dimbak forcibly marrying the youths and warns him to stop. Dimbak asks who is he. says Radha. He laughs and says how will she do when Krishna can’t stop her. Radha says that Krishna has gone to meet sage Durvasa. Dimbak says that he too does not like all this, but he is following his brother’s orders. She says that her brother is wrong. He asks if it is wrong to marry someone. They say that forced marriage is wrong. He asks why then the youth are not protesting. She says because of fear for life. He gets angry and warns her not to interfere.

Krishna and Balarama go to meet Rishi Durvasa. He says that he is happy to see that they respected his order and came here and told about the wrongdoings of Hans and the ovum. Krishna asks why did he hold back from cursing him. Durvasa stood up in anger. Balarama is afraid that he will curse them. Durvasa takes Krishna inside his hut and, kneeling down, says that he understands their dilemma and reveals that when he questioned Hans, he said that when the greatest yogi of the universe can marry, So why don’t other yogis marry; He could not curse the swan because of Mahadev’s boon and narrates the story of the childless king Brahmadatta who prays to Mahadev for a child like him. Mahadev blesses her, and the swan and the ovum are born. Hans and Dimbak also pray to Mahadev and get many boons from him and start their heinous behaviour. Durvasa requested Krishna to stop them to save Dharma.

Hans returns and upon seeing the forcibly married stops orders to resume them. Radha walks out and opposes him. He gets mesmerized by her beauty and asks her to sit and even asks Sambh and others to sit. He then asks Radha to speak. Krishna saw Radha approaching Hans and told Balarama that he had warned Radha not to meet Hans, but she went there and would get into trouble. Radha extinguishes the fire of the havan and orders Hans to stop his forced marriage spree. He says that if she marries him then he will. Krishna and Balarama reach there and are shocked to hear this.

Precap: Balram warns Hans to kill him for thinking of marrying Radha and attacks him. Hans hits back at him and says that no one can stop him from marrying Radha.

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