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RadhaKrishn June 30, 2022 Written Episode Update: Vasu’s plan

RadhaKrishn Jun 30, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Padmavati is waiting for Srinivas to hold a garland to marry him. Srinivas enters. Govindraj gives him a garland. Vasu says she still has time to change her mind as Srinivas is not a real man. Padmavati says she is determined to marry Srinivas. Srinivas exchanges garlands with her and marries her. Her friends shake her and bring her out of the imagination.

Srinivas sits with King, Bhrigu and others for dinner. Govindraj feels tense and thinks Srinivas is doing something usual again. King thanks Srinivas and Bhrigu for assessing Padmavati’s Swayamvar and asks Bhirgu if they found anyone competent on Padmavati. Bhrigu says he’s found a few and will let us see tomorrow after judging more contestants. King praises Vasu for the arrangements. Vasu says his ultimate goal is to marry his sister to the best man she deserves. He then taunts Srinivas that he may not be able to digest the royal feast. Srinivas reminds him that Vasu used to humiliate him for his food, now taking care of him himself, he feels delighted to see his love and affection for him.

King asks Srinivas for opinion on the participants. Srinivas says he has not found anyone competent enough to marry Padamvati. Govindraj becomes tense, thinking that Srinivas is again against Bhrigu’s decision. Bhirgu says a king should be an expert in battle, politics and other skills to lead his dynasty, dancing is just one skill that is not so necessary. Srinivas says he is right but he accepted himself to be a judge. After dinner Srinivas tries to walk. Vasu says he can’t let him stay in a storage room and wants him to stay in the palace until the Swayamvar ends. Srinivas says working in the storeroom and staying there isn’t derogatory, he’s happy to stay in the grocery store.

King also insists that Srinivas stay in the guest room with Govindraj. Govindraj hesitates. Vasu takes Srinivas to a guest room and orders guards to spy on him and inform him if Srinivas leaves the guest room. Bhargavi waits for Sariniva to inform him of Bhrigu’s intentions.

Prelude: Padmavati’s friends inform her that Srinivas is staying in the palace’s guest room. Padmavati thinks that she will eat with Srinivas. Thinking that she will only dine with Srinivas, Bhargavi makes his way to the palace.

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