RadhaKrishn 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Identifies Gopadevi’s True Identity

RadhaKrishn 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Identifies Gopadevi’s True Identity

RadhaKrishn 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Radha Identifies Gopadevi’s True Identity

Radhakrishna Nov 7, 2022 Written Episode, UttarPradeshLive.Com Written Update

Radha remembers Gopadevi’s advice that she can control her love if she consumes Tulsi. She fears that she will not be able to control the prince of her dreams and consumes basil leaves. Krishna watches as she hides. Radha’s friends comment that she conceived as a cowherd/Krishna after consuming Tulsi. They consume Tulsi to try again and conceive Krishna again. They all argue that they can control Radha’s prince’s dreams and that there is nothing wrong with that.

Krishna thanks Tulsi Devi for helping convince Radha to leave Tulsi. Tulsi Devi emerges and asks her what she has in mind. She says that she wants to win Radha’s love. Tulsi Devi wishes you all the best in her mission.

Radha calls Gopadevi. Gopadevi runs towards him. Radha asks where he was. Gopadevi says that he had some room and asks why he called her. Radha asks him if he wants to meet the prince of his dreams. Gapdevi says yes. Radha says that she will call him after 9 days at Ashtami night. Gopadevi says that this is the best time. Radha asks how he knows and talks about it. Gopadevi says that Radha herself spoke about it. Radha refuses. Gopadevi insists that he found out from Radha and leaves.

Balarama searches for Krishna. Krishna runs to her and tells her what just happened. Balram laughs and asks how he will handle Radha for 8 days. Krishna says that he does not know. Balram says that he is sure that the moment will be special. Krishna says that he feels the same. He wants to meet Radha again and goes to meet her as Gopadevi. They all say they don’t know where Radha is. He receives a letter from Radha that she is waiting for him at the lake. He arrives at the lake where Radha asks him to help her get the lotus from the lake.

In the middle of the lake, Radha again asks Gopadevi how he knows about Ashtami. Gopadevi gets angry. Goddess Gauri tells Mahadev that Gopadevi has been caught. Mahadev says that he will rest now because he wants Radha and Krishna to enjoy the moments alone. Radha says that she knows that he is her Krishna she because she realized that when she first embraced Gopadevi, she forgot that she is not only Radha but Radha Devi and if she is Narayana, she is Lakshmi. . She orders Krishna to return to his original form or she will use his love to transform him. Gopadevi turns into Krishna and reminds her that she had promised to meet him at Ashtami, saying that he cannot meet her at the new moon as he cannot break his promise to her.

Precap: Radha turns Amavasya into Ashtami and meets Krishna.

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