RadhaKrishn 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Akroor Experiences Krishna Leela

RadhaKrishn 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Akroor Experiences Krishna Leela

RadhaKrishn 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Akroor Experiences Krishna Leela

Radhakrishna Jan 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Krishna lifts Govardhan Mountain on his little finger and protects the citizens of Vrindavan below it. Indradev attacks Govardhan Mountain with all his powers. Krishna tells the citizens of Vrindavan not to worry as He is under protection. The children are hungry and ask their mother for food. Radha says that she has asked Apsaras to bring food and it will take time for them to get here. The boys ask him to narrate the story of Apsara. Radha narrates the story and puts them to sleep. Indradev feels that till now no story could fill his stomach. Balarama asks Krishna to do something. Radha asks him to wait until morning.

Kansa is happy thinking that Indradev will soon defeat Kansa. Akrura suggested that he befriend Krishna as Krishna is not an ordinary man or else he would not have held a mountain on his little finger and faced Lord Indra’s wrath so easily. Kansa chokes him out in anger. Prapti instigates him to kill Akrura who supports Kansa’s enemy. Kansa forgives Akrura citing loyalty from him and orders him to investigate what is happening in Mount Govardhan.

The children ask Radha when the Apsaras will arrive with the food. Radha calls soon and suggests that he chant Krishna’s name. Everyone starts chanting Krishna Krishna. The deities hear this and ask Mahadev if he will also chant Krishna Krishna. A light emanates from Krishna and illuminates the citizens of Vrindavan. Akrura reaches there and gets mesmerized by Krishna’s divinity and bows down to him. Indradev gets angry seeing this. He goes to Kamsa and tells him that since Akrura has accepted Krishna as his Lord, he will punish Akrura while he destroys the citizens of Vrindavan.

Krishna tells Balarama that a new chapter will now begin. Indradev’s attack on Govardhan Mountain continues. A citizen of Vrindavan begins to cough. Radha feeds him by holding rainwater in his hands. The lady says it’s dirty water. Indradev laughs and says that he showed bad water, he will keep pestering him until he accepts his superiority. Goddess Gauri asks Mahadev that it has been 7 days until the citizens of Vrindavan will have to suffer. Mahadev says that the end of his troubles will come soon. A child asks for water. Krishna asks Balarama to drink water from a straw. Balram does. The boy says that a few drops calmed his perch. Radha and Balarama give straw water to all the citizens. Indradev thinks what kind of magic is this. Narad says that this is Krishna’s love.

Precap: Krishna plays the flute. Radha tells her that it is time to leave Vrindavan, so she wants to know her opinion. Krishna says that he has to leave Vrindavan. Radha asks if this is the last meeting of him.

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