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Kunal says that individuals who have come right here at the foundation of reference, their possibilities of successful are already very much less, Radha will get apprehensive and says that their day has began very unhealthy and what is going to occur so Mohan says That he’s now going to use his affect to take revenge from them, Damini status close to their desk says that she is going to without a doubt take revenge as a result of he has crammed their thoughts with hatred towards them, Damini says that she is pondering She used to be advised that they didn’t have cash for meals however how have been they in a position to organize this type of massive sum of money, she investigated the lifetime of Krishna Kaishap and how they were given cash for the remedy, and then Damini discussed that she Having change into pals with KK, Damini welcomes her and then sits on the desk throughout from Mohan after hugging her. Radha.

Radha asks Mohan now not to concern, however Mohan says that it is only a contest for Damini and KK, however for him it’s his entire existence and the one means to go back the dignity of his circle of relatives and give them the trail to happiness. While the most productive likelihood is that they’re going to have to go back the cash that they took for Gungun’s remedy. Mohan says Damini has tousled KK’s thoughts so they do not know what this wealthy guy will do, Radha asks Mohan now not to concern as she will deal with such other folks very simply, Mohan asks. What does she imply when she solutions her husband additionally used to be a wealthy guy who had extra assets than KK and used to be very cussed however she controlled to convey him in line. Kunal asks everybody to come and put up their e book concepts, and then most effective 3 will probably be shortlisted and they’re going to be given twenty million as a get started to paintings for them, Kunal explains that the judges are very large publishers who Will without a doubt take selections in line with their efficiency. To make certain that those that have come right here for reference don’t really feel that they’ve now not been given due significance, he calls the primary crew in order that they begin presenting the e book which is in line with the involvement of AI , and after completing the presentation the second one workforce gifts the e book which is helping any individual to change into a finance skilled, Mohan is listening to the presentation attentively. The 3rd workforce begins the presentation in regards to the e book which is in regards to the tragic tale of a circle of relatives belonging to South Africa in America and their upward thrust within the society, explaining their struggles. The judges clap for them. Damini seems at Mohan and thinks that she desires to make certain that this anxiety becomes concern when Gungun is death that she is going to see them working from right here, Damini is smiling.

Nirmala says that her daughter is suffering for her existence right here whilst Radha is taking part in with Mohan in Maldives, Kadambari replies that it’s not anything like that however Nirmala says that it’s true as she is all the time there for her son. Lies to offer protection to the works. She pushes Kadambari who is set to fall however Rahul is helping her to stand and asks how dare Nirmala push her mom however Kadambari tells everybody this. After preventing via announcing that she is ok, Kadambari explains that she understands Nirmala’s concern and is aware of that she does now not consider her however explains that Nirmala nonetheless trusts Radha whom she considers her daughter so is she lukewarm? Will depart her in this type of critical situation as a result of Radha herself will probably be underneath a large number of tension there.

Radha tells Mohan that she could be very wired however Mohan calms her down, Kunal tells that he desires Damini to provide her opinion about his e book when Mohan says that that is favoritism as he actually admires her. Was doing. On degree Damini says that she has introduced a love tale in entrance of them named Ishqiyaan Sisqiyaan which goes to be a love tale with creativeness and even wisdom, all of them are listening to her presentation when Kunal smiles. Seems like Damini mentions that they’re going to submit this e book underneath Trivedi Publications in collaboration with Kunal, the landlord of LSD, Kunal tells the opposite judges that Damini is his very shut pal and they have got to make a choice her, even to Kunal. Upon arriving the judges get started praising him. Hugs Damini. Mohan wonders how KK may like this type of silly thought, Kunal says that he’s going to name Radha and Mohan however he’s certain that this will probably be their ultimate spherical, everybody begins smiling. Radha is set to stand up after praying however she notices that Mohan is concerned so tells him that that is the time to be courageous and now not be afraid, she asks him to include her.

Radha and Mohan get started strolling in opposition to the table when Mohan introduces himself to everybody whilst Radha is praying to Ba Kai Bihari ji to keep via her facet, Radha tells that they’re going to submit Bhagwat Geeta, when Kunal says that it has already been printed however Radha replies that she thinks she has now not heard the name, however explains that they’re going to do one thing other and need to incorporate the Bhagwat Geeta into each side in their lives. Explaining the strategies, Kunal says that Radha is speaking as though she has a PhD in Bhagwat Geeta, Radha replies that she has authorized it in her existence and has used the lessons in each side, and then she is aware of. Let us inform you that Bhagavad Gita is the solution to all issues, it levels from sunshine to colour to sorrow and even love. The means to light up their soul in occasions of sorrow, and even the way in which that unites other folks with God, Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari Ji taught Arjuna within the Mahabharata, and is the arena’s longest The poem may be in Bhagwat Geeta, Kunal says it’s similar most effective in India however they’re on the lookout for a e book which will also be printed international so how must they make a choice it. Mohan says that he objectives the e book in India nevertheless it used to be in the beginning written in Sanskrit and has since been translated into greater than 175 languages, making it one of the vital best-selling books. Mohan additional says that it used to be first translated via Charles Wilkis who’s from London, so other folks can learn it in another country too, Mohan asks in the event that they know who Charles Wilkis is, he says he’s a typographer and Orientalist used to be an orientalist, he requested if all of them knew its which means. Orientalist mentions in Hindi that he did a PhD in it, and there are lots of examples of different essential individuals in historical past whose lives have been deeply influenced via Bhagwat Gita. , and Cambridge University has additionally integrated Bhagavad Gita in its curriculum in order that scholars can use it to are living a just right existence, Mohan explains that all of them know who Lord Krishna is and the ones issues are precious even within the provide occasions. Therefore, Bhagwat Geeta is a e book of existence which teaches them the way in which to are living. Kunal explains the theory to different judges and tells that Radha is telling the relevance of Bhagwat Geeta to the entire international, Mohan says that it’s all from his facet, the entire visitors are simply sitting there seeing which Mohan and Radha get just a little apprehensive, He says then hits his hand at the desk. Damini thinks that those foreigners won’t display their consider on Radha’s Bhagwat Geeta, she thinks now this festival goes to finish for them, Radha angrily seems at Damini who’s smiling.

Precap: Radha tells Kadambari that they’ve handed the primary spherical so Radha requests to communicate to Gungun however Kadambari tries to make an excuse, Gungun begins respiring closely. Damini sitting with a prison says that Radha has to die as of late so she instructs the prison to kill her, Mohan calls Radha and wonders the place she is right now, he’s certain that she is going through some more or less drawback. Is in. Radha tries to name Mohan whilst floating within the sea throughout the glass ground.

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