Radha Mohan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan throws Radha out of the Trivedi Mansion

Radha Mohan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan throws Radha out of the Trivedi Mansion

Radha Mohan 22nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan throws Radha out of the Trivedi Mansion

Radha Mohan Jan 22, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan fills Radha’s demand with sindoor, completing their marriage, Radha stares at Mohan who glares at her, Damini cries for Kaveri to comfort her. Tulsi tells her that Radha has married Mohan but she can’t be his friend anymore, Tulsi tells her that because of the vow Mohan had made, she won’t be able to hear or see him, Radha says not to, but Mohan asks if it will. good when the time of its destruction begins. Tulsi also prays for both of them to live happily together, Pandit ji blesses both of them to live a happy and fulfilled life together, Mohan replies that only time will tell if they will live happy or angry. Radha thinks why Tulsi left her as she was the only one supporting her, Mohan angrily takes off his turban and leaves the mandap, Inspector asks Radha if she has any complaint, Radha says no No complaint, Inspector explains they go but if Radha has any problem she can call him, the NGO representative also assures Radha that he will always help her in case of any problem. Radha thanks everyone for her help, they all leave.

Nirmala approaches Radha and explains that she knows that Radha is an orphan, but as a mother she must assure her that from now on she will not differentiate between her and Gungun. Tulsi tells that today Radha also had a mother like her daughter Gungun. Nirmala says that she is sure that Kadambari will take care of Radha and that what happened with Tulsi will not happen again as this mother will not leave her if she passes. Nirmala turns to Gungun and mentions that she is very happy that Gungun has a mother like Radha, she will be able to sleep peacefully as Gungun will be safe, Nirmala blesses Gungun and mentions that they are about to leave now, but they meet him at the court for the Gungun custody case. Nirmala leaves with the judge and her son.

Rameshwar accepts that everything that happened in this house today is his fault as he failed to raise his daughter properly and knows that he has humiliated them. He apologizes, but Mr. Trivedi says that’s not the case. Referring to Kadambari, Rameshwar says that all parents want to give better education to their children but some children are not for them, Rameshwar asks Dadi to come, Radha cannot bear it and asks him to send her daughter. but Rameshwar says that they only have one daughter Radha who is dead, Radha replies that Bihari ji does not let relations end, she says that she will come to her house tomorrow. She is about to come because she is getting married today, Dadi angry. Radha replies that she has ruined her family name, so there is no need to go back to Barsana, and if she sees her even on the street, they won’t be able to recognize her. Radha refuses, Radha tries her best to stop them but all of them Leaving, Radha sits on the ground and cries continuously thinking of her family, how both of them are always there to help her and take care of her.

Radha stands up, she sees that the whole family is really very angry with her and they all stare at her, Radha walks slowly towards Mr. Trivedi and tells him that from now on she is the only one who can be with her. she turns around in shock, Radha asks him to give her blessings and tries to take her blessings but he replies how can she be her daughter when she has given birth to her parents she? Radha doesn’t care about Kadambari’s honor, she says so. it is better to live without sons to have a daughter like her, she is stunned, Radha also tries to take blessings from Kadambari but she says there is no need to touch his feet no because she will never get any blessings from him and only hears curses and curses. she doesn’t want to do it. Radha turns to Ajit, she tells him that Ketki was right that she is an idiot because she trusts anyone who hurts her, she mentions that she has actually used her. Ketki says that this time she was cheated too, Radha used her too, she replies that she understands that everyone has their own desire to make a relationship. Damini asks why she wants the support of the family that she destroyed, she says that everyone hates her. Radha replies that she doesn’t care if Damini loves her or hates her, but what needs to be understood is that there is no place for her in this house, and that she shouldn’t even try to be a part of this family. Mohan mentions it angrily, he walks in front of Radha asking who told her that this house is hers, Radha is stunned, Mohan replies that this house is hers and she has decided not to live in this house. Tulsi was speechless after hearing Mohan.

Mohan replies that only a daughter’s relationship doesn’t end after the ritual, so they can’t be called husband and wife even after getting married, Gungun asks him what he is doing. Mohan says that she has done what she wanted to do but now only what she wants is going to happen, Mohan says that he cheated on her and married her but she will have no right to be called wife and daughter in law, she says now he has to get out of this house. Mohan is pulling Radha towards the door, Gungun asks him to let go but Mohan doesn’t listen and pulls her even when Radha cries, he angrily pushes her out of the house, thus she collapses. Gungun asks him to stay from her but Mohan closes the door without listening to Radha, everyone claps but Radha is shocked.

Precap: Kaveri asks Damini not to do this because she cannot take her own life, Damini replies that she has always wanted to marry Mohan but if this cannot happen then there is no point in living, she will give up her life. she surprises everyone.

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