Radha Mohan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan Mourns Radha’s death

Radha Mohan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan Mourns Radha’s death

Radha Mohan 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan Mourns Radha’s death

Radha Mohan Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Crying Women Mohan walks into the room and asks everyone what is going on.
Radha tells herself that she knew Mohan couldn’t see her death being staged. Mohan asks Kadambari what is going on. Kadambari points to the photo of Radha wearing a garland and tells Mohan that they came here to cry. Mohan goes to Radha’s photo and takes an incense stick in his hand and it lights up and starts walking in front of Radha’s photo, everyone is shocked.
Tulsi asks what Mohan is doing and asks Kadambari to stop Mohan. Kadambari goes to Mohan and asks him what is he doing. Mohan tells Kadambari that if we are mourning, we must grieve properly and he asks everyone to cry. Radha goes into flashback and thinks about everything that happened between Mohan and her. Tulsi tells Mohan that Radha is your wife why are you doing all this? Kadambari asks everyone to stop crying and asks Mohan why he is doing all this.
Mohan tells him that we should do this as Radha is dead especially for him. Damini feels that Mohan has left her and her mother (Kaveri) behind in the drama. Radha starts crying and tells herself that she can handle anything but Mohan’s hate.

Radha starts to leave. Damini sees Radha leaving, Damini puts her feet in front of Radha and Radha falls to the ground. Radha puts down her palu, everyone is shocked to see Radha. Gungun goes to Radha and helps her up. Kadambari’s neighbors say that she is Radha daughter of Panditji. But when did she marry Mohan? The crying woman asks: is this the same girl in the photo?
Gungun tells the grieving woman that yes, she is my mother and she is alive. Everybody is Kadambari, marriage is luck, isn’t it? Another neighbor says that we have come here to see Radha but we could see this play. Damini thinks that Radha insulted her yesterday, so today she will insult Radha.

The crying lady gets up and says that this is it, the girl is alive, so why did you teach us? Gungun throws a garland of Radha’s photo and says that my real mother is not here, I have a new one and you are doing wrong to her (Radha) and asks the mourning ladies to leave. Damini asks them not to go and tells them that they have come here to cry for Radha and Mohan also wants the same. The grieving woman asked Damini that she had called them. Yes, I have called you to Damini mourning. Tulsi a Mohan you see that Damini has done all this. Why did Kadambari bode so badly for Damini? Damini Kadambari you think what Radha has done to my life is unfavorable. Damini gets angry and Kadambari tells Radha that she married Mohan of her own free will and ruining her life. Should I let her do this without saying a word?

Lady in mourning we have sinned because of Damini we don’t come sometimes today Radha’s face is shown we have sinned Damini mocked our work. Kaveri thinks Damini will be scolded again today. The heartbroken women are about to hit Damini, but Mohan intervenes and says that whatever Damini did was right, no one will touch her. Tulsi was shocked and said what are you saying Mohan?
The heartbroken woman tells Mohan how shameless you are that you just married her and are mourning her death. Radha cheats everyone and I marry her, the woman tearfully tells Radha that you are not sad because your own husband hates you. Radha tells them that whatever Mohan gives to Radha, she will take it as Prasad. Mourning lady for Radha, you married a demon like Mohan and made her lucky.

The grieving women start to leave, Radha stops them and asks them to bless her. The grieving women stop Radha to touch her feet. Ladies mourning Radha, please do not make us accomplices in this sin. Mourning women for Radha I don’t know right or wrong I don’t understand the only thing I know is that those who are with you on your bad days are yours. Damini thinks that all the relatives kicked out Radha so now Radha is going to have new relatives. Bai who mourns Radha no one gives us so much respect. Kadambari’s neighbor says we don’t want to stay here if mourning women are here to show Radha’s face. Radha sat down if God made no difference to us then who are we?

The mother tells Mohan that she will present these keys to Radha tomorrow after the wedding ceremony. Damini sees the key to the outer room, Radha must be receiving the house key, she shouldn’t see what’s inside that vault, if she finds out the secret, everything will be ruined.
Damini tries to steal the key with the help of a magnet. In the corridor, Radha sees Damini and her mother outside the window.

Update Credits: Tanya

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