Radha Mohan 19th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha goes to check if there really is a bomb in her bag


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Kavita mentions that they aren’t bizarre other people as they may be able to paintings in combination even below excessive drive so now each Radha and Mohan will do their rescue undertaking. Ketaki questions what is she speaking about as why are they striking extra burden on her brother and sister in legislation because it is their process. Rahul asks Ketki to sit down and loosen up, he requests Kavita now not to contain her circle of relatives in this topic as they’re quite simple other people so she must satisfy her duty and whole it once conceivable.

Damini will get indignant seeing Mohan napping with Radha and says that he is coming nearer to her as if anyone has joined them each with glue, she sits at the chair and angrily calls him an fool. All the hostages in the aircraft also are napping, then Tabrez is tracking everybody, Radha opens her eyes and sees that all of them are napping and seeing the time asks Mohan ji to get up because it is 5 o’clock, Mohan Slowly opens his eyes and says he desires tea, when Radha asks the place she will get it, Damini tells that it is an aeroplane, now not her bed room so why is she inquiring for tea, Radha Mohan. Tabrez replies that he has tea and a gun so would Mohan like to have breakfast with a bullet. Radha warns him to return as he didn’t tease her so early in the morning, Mohan asks Radha to loosen up explaining that they’re trapped in this aircraft and if the terrorists open fireplace then Yamraj will kill either one of them at the moment. Will take it with you. Radha tells Mohan that lately is Karva Chauth, Damini will get indignant announcing that her lifestyles is in risk and he or she is frightened about Karva Chauth, Mohan questions why Damini is interfering as a result of if he does it once more she’s going to She will get frightened after listening to that he’ll kill her ahead of the terrorists. Radha notices her bag and asks Mohan if that factor is nonetheless in her bag, Mohan replies that on account of the way in which they’re protective her bag, then she thinks that factor is nonetheless in her bag. Is in. Radha says who knew they might use her pretty bag for such a disgusting goal, Mohan questions if she is really loopy and says their lives are at stake and he or she is frightened about her bag. , Radha replies that she would surely be frightened as she has a lot of excellent reminiscences with the bag. She says that they must give it a cross this time.

Damini turns when Radha hears Mohan’s abdomen gurgling, Radha asks if there is any downside along with his abdomen due to rigidity, when he says that he has now not eaten the rest for such a lot of days so his abdomen is disillusioned. There will probably be a sound. Radha replies that she is frightened about how to get the issues out of her bag however she is interested by what to consume, Mohan asks if she hasn’t heard the word that one must consume ahead of doing any paintings, so He is additionally crushed badly, Radha meets him worriedly and asks if she will wipe the blood, however Mohan says that it didn’t lend a hand him. Mohan says that Karva Chauth is additionally coming so do not they have got to stay speedy, Radha will get suspicious so asks if he is additionally going to stay speedy, Mohan assures that he’ll stay Karva Chauth as Radha additionally assists in keeping speedy for him. So he’ll stay a speedy for his lengthy lifestyles, which Damini hears and turns into livid. Mohan says that after she turns a hundred years previous he’ll run to kiss her, Radha angrily asks if she seems to be previous, however he says that at a hundred years previous she’s going to glance really previous. Mohan asks if she has let him do any paintings by myself in order that they may be able to nonetheless be in combination, Radha has the same opinion that she has all the time helped him however requests him now not to stay Varth lately as he has already suffered a lot of accidents so Worth must now not be stored. He asks Radha now not to stay it as she does not really feel adore it. When Radha says why should not she stay it as she’s going to do varatha even whilst loss of life, Mohan tells her now not to discuss demise because it best comes to There are 4 just right other people in Viman, Radha says that Ba Kai Bihari ji is additionally just right however Mohan says that he is God. Gungun slowly wakes up and says that she is hungry and tells this to Mohan and his Rama when Mohan guarantees that he’ll do one thing however asks her to sit down.

The newly married couple additionally says that they’re very hungry however Tabrez angrily warns them to stay quiet, when Mohan tells Radha that the placement is going to worsen the pregnant girl will get up, the pregnant girl additionally asks for one thing to consume. But Tabrez says no. When the pregnant girl asks how they are going to now not be given meals when they’re all hungry since the day past, all of them get started difficult meals. Bunty wakes up and will get indignant and with excessive frustration questions what they would like. The pregnant girl says they have got already harm them however will they kill them by way of ravenous them. Bunty warns her to sit down down however she refuses asking if he can not see that she is pregnant. Mr.

Radha says now she’s going to stay varth with herself after consuming sarghi when Damini says she’s going to stay varth for him Mohan asks if he must die, Radha asks why is he speaking about demise as if If Damini assists in keeping the warth for him then his lifestyles will building up thrice, Mohan says that Damini will stay the warth with herself after consuming pepperoni, listening to which Radha will get frightened so asks her now not to have a look at him.

Kavita tells they all that they are going to want lend a hand from anyone from within and that is why they want the improve of Radha and Mohan. Ketaki asks what if one thing occurs to them as they may be able to’t use her brother and sister-in-law like this, Vishwanyata tells Ketaki that there is no level in arguing with them as all of them know that Radha and Mohan Both will surely check out to make a plan. Ketki replies that that is what she is frightened about as a result of what if they possibility their lives, Kavita says that she is aware of Ketki and the others are frightened for his or her circle of relatives however the fact is that they have got to be stored throughout the aircraft. Need improve from differently there are too many households their country will probably be destroyed.

Bunty and Tabrez pop out after giving meals to the hostages, she provides the field to Mohan and Radha who take the field praising her, Radha will get up however the air hostess warns her to sit down down as she has were given the meals when Radha Says she does not consume Ba Kai Bihari Ji after providing Bhog, however Tina stops her when Mr. It is very helpful for. Mr.

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