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Mr. Control his phrases and don’t take the identify of Ba Kai Bihari Ji together with your tongue, Mr. When he warns her, Damini says it is advisable see Radha mustn’t mess together with her as she does not depend until 3 prior to firing, Radha says she will be able to take his lifestyles however can she kill Mr. She will let him cross away, despite the fact that she says horrible issues about his father, Bihari ji, so she threatens him to not depart her. Damini shouts why is she ready as she must take Radha’s lifestyles in a single shot, Tabrez is smiling listening to this. Mr. Bunty asks if Gungun wishes chocolate milk, Radha says that they truly depended on him or even made him part of their circle of relatives, whilst Gungun calls him brother however he betrayed them, Bunty says that is how. Stupid individuals are as in a position to being deceived as who trusts somebody who simply visited two days in the past, asking in the event that they knew how lengthy that they had been monitoring them. Bunty informed that it began once they had been taking Gungun again house from the sanatorium and so seeing the correct second, he got here to their area disguised as the worker whom Dulari had despatched, after which he secretly stole the bag. He idea he would. Radha recollects after seeing the flight quantity, Bunty tells that she idea Gungun should have informed them so Radha recollects when Gungun informed her that she noticed Bunty right here on the airport however all of them became out to be idiots , his spouse says that as a result of him each Rahul and Dulari are struggling. Mohan vows that if anything else occurs to Rahul or Dulari, he’ll no longer spare them. The terrorist tells that he has stored either one of them hostage in his personal area and they’ll die inside two or 3 days, Radha is stunned to listen to this. Mohan swears that if anything else occurs to Dulari he’ll no longer allow them to cross, Bunty warns Mohan to sit down down whilst threatening to kill everybody else, Kadambari pleads with Mohan to sit down down, she is informed by means of Radha. Is pressured to sit down with. Along with all of the passengers, Damini could also be scared and is not able to talk even a unmarried phrase.

Mr. Gungun asks Kadambari if her Rahul uncle might be k, when she assures that not anything will occur to him.

Mr. He has achieved numerous fallacious to his circle of relatives. Radha prays that Rahul and Dulari are fantastic, Kadambari tells that she additionally attempted to name him and Radha additionally recollects this, Mohan says that he used to be looking to warn them to not board the flight. So he’s truly wired.

Tabrez forces Damini to sit down at the settee when Mr. Damini denies understanding Radha, which angers Mr. X and slaps Damini. Too, citing that she does not like when women cry so calls for the reality and explains that she has all of the data she wishes. Damini replies that she has not anything to mention, Tabrez says that this time he’ll get shot, Mr. Is. Mr. Mr.

Kavita informed that numerous time has handed and no ransom name has been gained, an officer informed that somebody is making an attempt to touch them from the flight so Kavita requested them to attach it. Mr. Kavita tells that this flight is from her nation so she is not going to let someone break out simply, she questions what she needs when Mr. Kavitha questions what she needs when Mr. And he tries to take action however isn’t in a position to succeed in it. The senior officials wonder whether the cause of this kidnapping is as a result of they wish to unfastened somebody, Kavita replies that she does no longer assume that’s the case as she would have mentioned this prior to. Inspector Shesh enters the ATC with the remainder of the Trivedi circle of relatives and informs Kavita that this circle of relatives had given details about the abduction.

Bunty is going to welcome Molana Sahab, who could also be stunned, however he solutions Bunty, who asks if he isn’t dealing with any downside right here, at this dialogue everybody will get stunned when Tabrez says That Molana Sahib can ask if he wishes anything else as a result of it’s his duty. To handle the desires of Molana Saheb and his other folks, everybody else at the flight begins taking a look against Molana Saheb when the pregnant lady says that they are going to unquestionably handle Molana as she is from the similar faith as them.

Mr. Mahant Sahib additionally says that there’s not anything to be ok with, which makes Molana Sahib indignant and he questions what he needs, so Mahant says that what he manner is that every time there’s a terrorist assault If it occurs then Muslims take part. Muslim girls query what the Mahant is pronouncing that they’re at all times eager about those terrorist assaults and Hindus don’t have anything to do with it. The previous guy stands up pronouncing that it’s as a result of him that he has confronted this downside, then Molana Saheb says that he’s additionally afraid for his lifestyles, however the different individual says that it does no longer appear that he’s going to stand any downside. Is. The in poor health lady will get up pronouncing that also they are concerned on this, then the Muslim lady says that those terrorists won’t ever concentrate to them and can do just what they would like, however some other lady will get up pronouncing that the Muslim lady must At least directions must be given. The terrorist and she or he additionally pushes the Muslim girls who fall on her seat. Radha asks what are all of them doing as they are able to by no means query somebody else’s faith as the girl has additionally come together with her daughter and can she put her in peril, Mohan says whilst the opposite lady is pregnant and going to America. That’s why there aren’t any Muslims, the fault is neither of the Hindus however of those individuals who don’t have any faith. Kadambari tells that this isn’t the time to argue however stand with every different, Radha says that by means of preventing they’re in reality doing what the terrorists need so everybody sits again.

Damini recollects when she met Mr. Damini says that is the correct time to lure the Trivedi circle of relatives and take her revenge. Damini will get up pronouncing that they’re proper and it’s nobody’s fault right here excluding Radha and her complete circle of relatives as it’s as a result of their mistake that the hijackers have boarded this aircraft. Radha warns Damini to not drag her circle of relatives into this example, when Damini asks why she mustn’t contain them because the terrorists have mentioned that they introduced their guns in this aircraft with the assistance of Radha and her circle of relatives and Now when Damini alleged that Bunty used to be additionally her employee. Accusing him of being concerned with terrorists, Radha warns him to forestall when Damini asks if she may also kill him. Damini alleges that each Radha and her partner’s mother are very suave and benefit from somebody else’s hassle. She vows that they’re concerned with terrorists which shocks Radha and Mohan.

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