Radha Mohan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini plans against Radha

Radha Mohan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini plans against Radha

Radha Mohan 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Damini plans against Radha

Radha Mohan Nov 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Mohan is still unconscious in the hospital bed while everyone is worried, Gungun brings water for Damini who is very tense, Radha wants Gungun who assures her that nothing will happen to her Mohan, the Doctor comes to save Mohan, Gungun assures that everyone will pray to him. her to save Mohan, Gungun goes to Kaveri when he sees her coughing.
Damini tells her that Gungun is still her baby and that she must be tired after what happened today, so she feels they should send her back home, and Gungun explains to Damini that she needs to get some rest.

Tulsi turns on the TV and tries to find out what has happened but they only report that the Trivedi family has saved all the children, she is furious wondering what could have happened and does not find the truth.

Radha advises Gungun to go back home and get some rest but Gungun replies that he will not go with Mohan, Radha tells him that Dulari will be scared too because she is alone, she also has to make sure that Bihari ji does bhajan like that. then he can help Mohan ji. Kadambari instructs Rahul to take Gungun home, but Ketki senses something is wrong, so she decides to tag along as well, explaining that Gungun will be taken care of at home if Rahul needs to return. Gungun runs to the window thinking about how Mohan said he got the relationship back after so long, so he needs to go back, she hugs Damini again, which shocks Kaveri, and she coughs up the water, Kaveri assures her that she’s fine, after which Gungun leaves.

Radha runs to the door, she takes the hand where maasi had hennaed her name, Radha starts crying thinking that it is the same hand that Mohan held as he walked back to the ground, now she has vows to take responsibility for him.

Tulsi sees Gungun return to Ketki and Rahul, relieved to see that he is alright. Dulari also smiles when Tulsi tries to hug her, but Gungun hugs Dulari instead. Tulsi thinks what kind of fate is this, since she can’t hug her daughter even when she is safe, Dulari says that she was really scared but glad that Gungun is safe.

Tulsi thinks Radha and Mohan haven’t come back so she asks Ketki where she is, Dulari asks if Mohan is okay, Tulsi asks what happened to her but no one says anything.

Kaveri drags Damini out of the hospital and asks her what happened to her as they say people go crazy but she is completely lost, Damini tells her that she is still thinking about Mohan. She wants to worry when Kaveri asks if this is the right way to rescue Radha. As soon as she hugs her enemy, Damini replies that she only hugged her so she could end her life once more as there are only two people Gungun or Mohan will protect Radha but since she is unconscious in the hospital she sends Gungun . back home assuring her that there is no one who can stop him from achieving her wishes. Kaveri smiles thinking that everything is fine now, but what does Damini plan to do? She tells him that they have to give Mohan a medicine that will end Radha’s life. Damini assures her men that they will pay them whatever amount they want, but they need to come to this hospital right now.

Standing in the temple, Tulsi asks why she always has to suffer so much because when she took care of him, Mohan used to get better and no medicine worked to cure his headache except the ginger tea that she made. Tulsi says that she is not with him. because of her husband’s oath that she was forced to obey, also because of this protection, Tulsi says that if anything happens to Mohan today, she will tell everyone that Bihari ji is nothing but a stone idol and there is no need to trust him.

Gungun mentions that she really trusts him since he helped make sure she was safe with her friends, she should also protect Mohan even though she fights with him a lot, but Mohan is a hero. That is why Bihari ji should also help Mohan. Gungun says that she will be a brave girl in the hospital, otherwise Radha will be upset too, she promises to be a good girl from now on and respect the elders as she drinks Dulari’s milk without any problem.

Mohan is still unconscious in the hospital while Radha is really stressed, the doctor explains the case of internal injuries as sometimes people get internal injuries and blood clots in the brain, he advises if Mohan doesn’t regain consciousness in the next six hours, so he doesn’t have to call in a Mumbai neurosurgeon to perform Mohan’s open brain surgery, Kadambari sits tense.

Radha asks what it is and so Mohan ji will be cured, the doctor tells her in Hindi that in the process they will open a part of her brain. Radha can’t stand it when Damini assures her that she should calm down, Radha tells her that she needs to find another way, but the doctor tells her that the only way left is to pray to God because if she dies for six hours if they wake up inside . They won’t have to do surgery.

Gungun is crying, so Ketki rushes to hug her and assures her that everything will be fine. Gungun says that he needs to have lunch too in order to have the strength to save Mohan. Gungun tries to light the diya. Ketki helps her when she starts performing the rituals. Gungun once again prays for Mohan.

Mohan faints when Kadambari asks why this is happening to her family, she sits wondering what crime they have committed when Maha Pandit says that she is to blame, everyone congratulates Maha Pandit ji when he reveals that he is the only reason of all problems. and that he himself pushed Mohan towards the end. Damini believes that this is the plan that she had to do to end Radha’s story. Damini is relieved while Radha is really tense.

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