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An announcement starts within the aircraft the place passengers are prompt to lock their belts. The terrorist tells that those other people don’t even understand how a lot destruction goes to occur on this aircraft.

Radha asks Mohan ji to assist her when he says that he taught her whilst going to Maldives, Mohan isn’t in a position to lock the seat belt and tells that she has develop into a bit of fats however Radha says that she isn’t fats in any respect. It isn’t so, so he will have to do it like this. Radha angrily tells that he’s a lot older than her and therefore he’s going to additionally develop outdated sooner than her however Mohan says that they develop outdated handiest by means of thoughts so he’s nonetheless very younger whilst Radha was once born outdated. Hearing this Radha says That she is the person who has made the error and that Mohan ji continues to be a kid who can’t do anything else on his personal and it’ll take numerous time for him to mature, she angrily calls him outdated. Kadambari and Gungun get started smiling whilst Bunty waits together with his spouse for their plan to begin.

Ajit asks Dulari what took place, she explains how she got here to the entrance gate however was once abducted and tied with ropes, then he sees them getting ready a bomb and hiding it in Radha’s bag, Mr. X mentioned that this Diwali all the nation will burn. Rahul mentions that they’re very bad so all of them will have to forestall Mohan Bhai and all the circle of relatives from boarding the flight. Vishwaniyat asks Rahul to name Mohan so he begins dialing the quantity, Mohan sees Rahul’s name and shouts that first he makes a mistake after which calls to say sorry, Mohan only a second. Mohan asks why she is involving youngsters on this. Radha stops Mohan and explains that they’ve to practice the aircraft laws, Ketki will get emotional and asks Rahul to name Radha, so he dials her contract. Radha additionally places the telephone again with out answering because the air hostess stands in entrance of her. After this, Rahul tries to touch Kadambari however she additionally refuses to wait the decision, seeing which Bunty and her spouse get started smiling.

They announce that the flight is able to take off, so Radha Ba Kai ties Bihari ji at the seat after which begins reciting a prayer, she additionally asks Gungun to recite it along with her. Mohan asks what does it imply when Radha tells that after Ram ji was once returning he had mentioned the similar shloka at the moment so other people say that when studying it the plane is not going to have any drawback. The man posing as the chief asks if he wishes anything else, when he says that those other people do not know about his drawback that this aircraft goes to be broken which can surprise the entire nation. Will put.

Mahant concurs to Radha’s level Mohan will get shocked to listen to this and says that Radha has the strategy to the entire issues and no person can beat her on this, Radha replies that for this reason they each are from Bhagwat. Going to unfold the message of Geeta, Mohan asks why that is so. She was once excited as it was once in Ramayana, whilst Radha was once assured that she has learn it too, so can she inform him this, however Mohan begins joking. Does. Radha selections up the telephone and says that it will had been nice if they’d talked to her circle of relatives, however there may be not anything to fret as they’re going to name all the circle of relatives.

Ketki will get disenchanted explaining that their complete circle of relatives is in that plane and what if there may be an explosion, Ketki begins feeling dizzy when Ajit tells that his complete frame has develop into chilly, Rahul additionally sits close to her when Dulari requests Vishwanyata to name the physician temporarily. It isn’t just right for her within the early level of being pregnant, Ajit requests Ketki to not take tension as he’s promising her that their complete circle of relatives shall be secure however she has to stay quiet, all of them are nervous.

While sitting within the plane, Kadambari sees pregnant girls and says that it isn’t just right to commute in complete being pregnant, however the girl says that it is just her 5th month, whilst her husband additionally says that she is a bit of wholesome. Radha additionally calls him however Mohan stops Radha pronouncing that it’s his private subject. He explains that this is a norm as a result of many {couples} move to America to provide delivery as a result of their youngsters get nationality there. When Radha asks why other people do that as a result of they go away a just right nation like India, Mohan stops her pronouncing that that is their existence so why is Radha having bother pronouncing that no longer everyone seems to be patriotic against their country. The girl says she’s going to by no means come again to India so Mohan asks Radha to appear into it, however Radha will get offended at this and in addition asks Mohan to not communicate to her.

Bunty is regularly taking a look at Gungun and he tells that he was once noticed by means of Gungun within the aircraft and if he sees them sooner than their plan begins then it’ll damage the entirety. The better half leaves to organize guns.

Ketki could be very wired whilst all of them attempt to calm her down pronouncing that not anything like this may increasingly occur, even Vishwaniyat calls the police station and informs the inspector that there’s a bomb at the flight however the inspector thinks this is a comic story. and means that Vishwaniyat will have to drink it as spreading such faux information is a felony offence. Vishwaniyat as soon as once more attempted to name the police station however once more they didn’t solution, Vishwaniyat says how can they consider that they’re spreading faux information.

Mahant ji calls the air hostess inquiring for for some other seat however the air hostess says that the entire seats within the financial system elegance are crammed whilst some seats are vacant within the trade elegance, the Muslim pupil requests the air hostess to take him there. He will get up however he replies that he must spend fifty thousand further rupees, listening to which he sits again on his seat, whilst the Mahant additionally turns into uncomfortable. Radha begins smiling whilst citing that now the cash may not be wasted.

A woman asks for water, mom tries to name the air hostess however she does not pay attention so after some time mom will get up pronouncing she’s going to carry water herself when the opposite air hostess comes again with the steward who concurs Is. Bring him water.

Mohan appears again on the romantic couple who’re disenchanted as there may be empty house within the seat and therefore the woman will get fearful when Mohan asks Radha if she is studying anything else. Then Mohan holds her hand identical to the couple does and ties it on his knee, pronouncing that after the fingers are small they will have to be stored at the different aspect. Radha will get offended so eliminates his hand when she asks what he’s doing. When he replies that he’s being romantic, Radha tells him to watch out the place they’re as this is a mistake to be romantic. There is not any house. Mohan says he’s going to come again after stretching a little, he stops whilst strolling and welcomes Mr. Aman Singh who’s a retired air drive pilot, Mohan says he will have to sit down right here peacefully with none drawback When Mr. Aman Singh says that he has flown. In many army airplane, even if sitting in a business airplane, one feels as though he’s within the cockpit as a result of it’s his accountability. Mohan leaves pronouncing great to satisfy him, he in spite of everything eliminates the curtain which shocks the person as he nonetheless has the gun in his hand. Mohan begins watching him.

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