Radha Mohan 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha succeeds in getting security clearance at the airport


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Gungun goes in opposition to the ice cream parlor when she by accident bumps into Bunty and he falls down, Gungun is surprised to look him at the airport and questions what he’s doing right here, Bunty briefly takes to the air her glasses. And wears a hat however refuses to just accept that he’s Bunty. , Radha stops Gungun and asks who she used to be chatting with, when Gungun replies that she used to be chatting with Bunty, regardless that they each do not consider her, Mohan says that she used to be if truth be told chatting with Bunty. Was connected as she used to be additionally taking part in with Bunty, Kadambari comes and asks what are they doing right here since they’ve to move via security test additionally, Radha is with Gungun when she asks why papa is looking her. Saying that she used to be taking part in with Bunty, Radha asks if she used to be now not taking part in together with her final evening listening to which Gungun denies to Radha. Stunned. There is a statement that flight quantity 17820z is set to take off, listening to this Radha in an instant begins questioning why this quantity seems to be acquainted, Gungun says it’s the flight quantity when Radha recalls the quantity on the chit that fell from her pocket. noticed. Bunty’s and he or she says it used to be an account quantity, so Gungun asks how can they each be alike, Radha continues to be tensed and so asks Gungun to return together with her, they each depart, Bunty informs his colleagues from in the back of that Radha may be very suspicious and won’t board the flight which can break the complete plan. Radha continues to be questioning how Bunty informed that Dulari had despatched him for paintings and means that she would possibly have forgotten in a rush whilst he persisted to act suspiciously. Mohan asks Radha what’s she doing as boarding has began so she must scan the bag, Radha puts the bag on the scanner whilst the spouse says they’ll be certain that when the bag passes with none objection . Radha continues to be stressed out.

Ketaki is studying {a magazine} when Ajit brings her culmination smilingly, she takes the plate in her arms, then Ajit comes nearer to her, she asks what came about, then he tells that he -The day is turning into extra stunning, Ketki mentions that she is actually romantic however what’s the use as they’ll have a kid when Ajit asks if they are able to’t do romance after turning into oldsters. Ketki is shocked to listen to a valid from upstairs, Vishwanyata in an instant runs into the room which shocks each Ajit and Ketki, he asks in the event that they heard any sound. Ketki solutions from above then Ajit says nobody is going there, explaining how they are saying that the room which is vacant will get occupied, Tulsi thinks if she is right here then what’s the explanation why for the noise. So she comes to a decision to move and examine herself, she is surprised to look Rahul and Dulari trapped in the room, she calls Ketki and Ajit to return briefly and wonders what she must do.

Vishwaniyat is mountain climbing the stairs with Ketki and Ajit, Ketki asks Ajit to move first however he refuses when Vishwaniyat questions who will pass but even so him, Ajit says he’s actually scared, Vishwaniyat it additionally refuses to provide an explanation for that somebody informed him in his adolescence that he can be killed via a ghost so the two of them pass away and the 3 of them pass away. Tulsi tells that Dulari and Rahul are trapped right here, however she thinks that she must do one thing herself, despite the fact that it manner revealing her identification in entrance of everybody, Dulari will get surprised considering how the ropes opened on their very own. , so she begins getting scared, Rahul alerts her to assist her, Dulari says that there’s a ghost there, however Rahul replies that it will have to have pop out because of the battle between them, Rahul and Dulari get started banging the door. and calls for that they open it, Ketaki runs again announcing that it’s Rahul and his voice. Open the door, Ajit asks what had been they each doing right here, Ketki will get surprised seeing Dulari.

Radha is strolling whilst the terrorists are praying that simply as soon as the bag comes out then their project will likely be finished, however the scanner begins making noise which reasons all 3 of them to change into hectic, whilst the security officer stops Radha from selecting up her bag. Stopping, he asks. For him to open the bag. Radha has the same opinion to the police officer’s instruction and he or she opens the bag, Mohan additionally is going just about her or even Mahant ji comes, Radha takes out the idol of Ba Kai Bihari ji, the officer says That Radha can not do it together with her listening to. Radha is surprised and asks why she can not take it, even if she is aware of the idol is manufactured from steel however she does not pass any place with out it. The officer knowledgeable that it isn’t allowed, Mahant ji additionally asked him to let Radha take it as it isn’t a weapon, the officer must be proud as a result of there are nonetheless some other folks in this nation who recognize their faith. Yes, the officer is going to test on the pc as soon as once more. Mohan lassos her request whilst Radha continues to be protecting the idol. The officer returns permitting Radha to take the idol together with her, listening to this Radha begins smiling and turns into glad, the terrorists take a deep breath as their plan has now not failed, the officer replies that it is a particular case. Because Radha has received the pageant Maldives, Radha is worked up and selections up the bag asking Ba Kai Bihari ji to return together with her, Bunty says Mr. Kai Bihari ji additionally has a aircraft as his parcel.

Radha is strolling via giving directions to Gungun, who briefly sits on the window seat, when the stewardess comes and asks if they are able to put her bag in the entrance, since this phase is complete, Radha tells them Requests to be a little bit cautious, so the hostess leaves. Radha sits on her seat when she sees how Mohan ji helps the couple and tells that it’s his seat, Mohan asks why he’s touring with that previous girl who may be very sick, He replies that he’s taking her to America for remedy and that is the first time that they’re touring on an plane. Mohan informed him to not concern as he used to be sitting at 11 o’clock.

Mahant ji begins chanting the shlokas whilst sitting on his seat, when Muslim students come to sit down close to him, then Mahant ji wonders why he must take a seat subsequent to a Muslim.

Bunty enters the aircraft along with his spouse who begins in search of Radha.

Radha asks Mohan to look how this is known as real love as uncle continues to be anxious about his spouse and is taking her to America, she asks if he’ll additionally toughen her in the identical manner in her previous age and love her the identical manner. Mohan says that he’s previous as a result of he’s nonetheless very younger, however Radha replies that she has to provide an explanation for it to him as a result of he’s very previous whilst she continues to be younger and he’ll develop previous speedy, air hostess seat Starts giving directions on tying the belt, Kadambari is helping Gungun and tells Rama that she may be very serious about their commute, the terrorist says those other folks do not even find out about the destruction they’ll motive in this plane. You know, he begins smiling.

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