Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya unites Bhola and Renuka

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya unites Bhola and Renuka

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya unites Bhola and Renuka

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Ahilya asking Bhola to stay with Renuka. He says I never left my house. She says your mother’s blessings will always be with you, but Renuka has none. he agrees. FB finished. Ahilya says Bhola will stay with you and bring happiness, two incomplete people complete each other. Renuka cried with joy. Bhola shows Suraj to hold it in his hand. Ahilya remembers her childhood and smiles. She says I have caught sunlight many times, I can never catch moonlight. He asks her to show it. They catch sunlight in the palm. Renuka hugs Bhola.

Dwarka says we have sown the seed and now we have to see the fruit. Yamuna asks what. Dwarka says that Khanderao got upset with Ahilya and went to Parvati. Parvati comes. Dwarka says I am glad that you and Khanderao are getting closer. Parvati says no, I felt so too, but she was worried about something. She says it is beyond my understanding. Dwarka says now listen carefully to me. Ahilya comes to meet Khanderao. She doesn’t see him. She says I think he will come to my room. She goes to her room. She talks to her child and tells about Khanderao. She says he loves me so much, I thought I lost him midway. Gautham comes and asks were you talking to the kid, I used to do this also during Khanderao’s time. She asks Ahilya to put on Kuldevi Kumkum, which is her protective shield. Ahilya asks what. Gautam says I am going to tell something, you stay with Renuka all the time, I am afraid her evil eye catches you, call it my blind faith. Ahilya applies kumkum and says I don’t want my thinking and belief to bind your words.

The maid gets rasa for Ahilya sent by Khanderao. Ahilya asks Khanderao. Maid says he has gone to his room sometime back, he is playing drum. Ahilya says ok, I will drink this juice later, keep it here. He is worried about Ahalya. Gautam comes to him. He asks if Ahilya has juice. She says yes, but she was waiting for you, you should spend time with her. He asks do you think I am wrong. She says no, our family ka waari is coming, you have to think about the upcoming baby and keep him happy. He says I want to keep her happy but what should I do, we fight for some thing. He explains. Gautam says there is someone he will surely listen to.

In the morning Sarja comes to talk to Ahilya. Ahilya says Khanderao was very angry, we did not talk to the child. She goes and looks for Khanderao. Dwarka says that he left for Omkareshwar with Parvati, she wanted to go out for a walk. Ahilya says she didn’t even tell me. Dwarka says you are his wife, I know. Ahilya feels that she is very upset with me. She goes. Dwarka recalls that Parvati was asked to go to Khanderao and gain his sympathy. She says Khanderao will be away from you.

Ahilya brings Renuka to the court and raises her voice against injustice.

Update Credits: Amena

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