Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya convinces Khanderao to marry Parvati

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya convinces Khanderao to marry Parvati

Punyashloka Ahilya Bai 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya convinces Khanderao to marry Parvati

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21 April 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Khanderao saying that past is past, forget it and we can start a new life again. She asks what do you mean, your marriage. He says I was going to make a mistake, I have managed myself, I have refused for this marriage, I promise you, I will never give you a chance to complain, I will get what you want, I cannot belong to anyone else, I am yours, only yours. She cries. He says I have told Gautam that this alliance cannot happen.

Dwarka says the reason is Ahilya, she is taking advantage of her pregnancy. Yashoda says that Ahilya should have told this to Khanderao earlier. Dwarka says I think she was very angry on Gautam and thought to wait for right time, she wanted to insult Gautam. Ahilya says Gawade will be very worried now. His conscience tells him not to worry and be selfish now, even Mahadev couldn’t see your tears, so he wised up to Khanderao, you are lucky you got a second chance. Dwarka says don’t be disappointed, if Gawade stays on his word, Malhar will have to obey him, you tell Malhar that Khanderao has to marry Parvati, Malhar will convince Khanderao. Parvati cries. Dwarka asked Gavade to stand firm and not give up. Parvati goes and falls at the feet of Ahilya. Ahilya asks him to get up.

Parvati requests him and says that I am also your subjects, I see no way to proceed now, I have heard that you judge, I have come to seek your help, meaning of rasam for a girl. You can understand, its not my fault, then why am I getting punished. She cries. Ahilya also cries with him.

Parvati says I am not strong like you. Ahilya says I will talk to Khanderao and hope he agrees. Gautam looks on. Khanderao apologizes to Gawade and refuses to marry. Malhar asks why didn’t you decide this earlier. Khanderao says I have done mistake, I am ready to face any punishment, you can compensate for that. Gawade asks will you compensate my daughter for defamation, it is about the honor of my family, your mistake has ruined us, what will we all answer, they will blame my daughter that the relationship broke down. . Malhar says yes, in such cases the girl is to blame. Khanderao says but I cannot do this marriage, Parvati is intelligent and good, there is nothing lacking in her, I have changed my decision. Gawade gets the sword and says do me a favor, kill me, I can’t tolerate this insult. Malhar asks what are you saying. Dhana ji says Ahilya again ruined our plan, don’t worry, I have another plan ready, but this time we will enter the house and kill Khanderao.

Ahilya comes and says that Holkar family keeps promise and never goes against their word. Khanderao says but Ahilya… Ahilya takes Khanderao aside. Parvati hugged Gavade and wept. Ahilya says there is no bitterness in me, we can start a new journey, don’t do injustice to Parvati, you are the crown prince of Malwa, insulting Gavade, insulting our parents and breaking Parvati’s dreams, will you? Can be happy after all this, no, don’t do that, you said that I will do whatever I say, I want his promise to be kept, this family’s image should not be spoiled, will you listen to me? he nods. He goes to Gawade and says I am ready for this marriage. Parvati smiled happily. She goes to tell this to Yashoda and Dwarka. She says that Khanderao has agreed to the marriage. Dwarka says I told you, if your father insists, then everything will be fine. Parvati says no, Khanderao agreed because of Ahilya, I went to him and got justice, Ahilya can never trouble Malwa people, she is a goddess. Dwarka says Parvati also joined Ahilya’s gang, we have to do something.

Malhar scolds Khanderao and says you should have trusted Ahilya. A woman enters the palace and goes to Ahilya.

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