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The episode begins with Malhar trying to save his son Khanderao. Harku and Ahilya have a talk. Ahilya tells Harku not to worry and wait, she will come. Harku asks how will she face all the problems at once. The Nizam’s guards talk about some of the tribals coming for worship. The guard says if you are in danger then kill them. Ahilya runs to the godown and sees the fire. Women cry. Ahilya pacifies them. He says that this is not an accident, but someone did it intentionally. She picks up the torch of fire and smells it. She says that it has the smell of kerosene. The guard asks the tribals about the procession. Tells about tribal worship. The guard asked him to leave. He asks why gulal is red colour, when you have yellow color on your face. Malhar says it is a blessing. He attacks the guards with red gulal. The guards die.

Malhar moves ahead with the tribals. Villagers ask who did this. Ahilya tells them not to worry. She says if your enemy is your neighbour, soon you will have prosperity. She asks the women not to worry and asks Devi Maa about their future. She says maybe she will show us the way now. She takes people with her. More guards go to see the tribals. They do not see any tribal. They find their soldiers dead. They check the guards. Malhar and everyone hides. A guard examines the red colored powder and smells it. He also dies. Guard says don’t touch Gulal, tribals have mixed pungent poison in it. The tribals attacked the defenders with poisonous arrows. More guards come. The tribals attacked them with gulal.

Malhar fights with them. He goes to Miramani’s tent. He sees Khanderao tied up. Khanderao sees Malhar there. He says I am relieved to see you safe. Khanderao says nothing can happen to me when you are there, I didn’t tell anything to the enemies. Malhar takes her. Dhana ji says it is morning, Malhar’s son Khanderao must have become weak by now, your purpose will be fulfilled soon. Miramani smiles. He takes pride in himself. Gunu ji comes running. He says that Malhar has come to free Khanderao, he must have attacked the tent by now. Meeramani says it is good that he himself has come, now they both will die together. He leaves. Gunu ji says Malhar has come, I have to support him, otherwise it may go against us. Dhana agrees. Ahilya asks the women to come with her to the temple, Devima will help them. She shows them the cloth making machine. Everyone smiles. Tukoji says all the machines were already removed from the workshop. He tells them. He remembers Ahilya very worried. She asks him to send the workshop machines to the temple after work in the evening. he agrees. FB finished. He says that Ahilya always thinks about the future, so he sensed the trouble that was coming. He says nothing like this, my thinking supported me, it has your prayer and goddess’s blessings, so no fire can burn it. Everyone smiles.

Meeramani sees Malhar and Khanderao. Ahilya says I have doubts, but cannot take anyone’s name. Tukoji says we have to find the culprit soon.

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