Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya gets permission from Malharrao to investigate

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya gets permission from Malharrao to investigate

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update : Ahilya gets permission from Malharrao to investigate

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Nov 1, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Ahilya was asked if she had given all the herbs to the royal doctor. Ahilya says yes, why did it happen?
Khanderao restless, opening the bag. Malhar Rao walks in and asks him why he is so worried. Khanderao hides the bag and says you never come to see me. Khanderao says that I came because you made me proud, read this scroll here. Khanderao read it. Malharrao says your condition is accepted and Delhi Shah will give you a sword and wants you to save him from Surajmal. Khandero says of course.

Rajvaidya tells Ahilya that she didn’t find anything suspicious, Ahilya says that I can’t be wrong, there is something to that. Ahilya asks Ganubji if he has ever seen Nimaji say or do anything suspicious. Gunubji remembers that Nimaji once mixed something up in Jadibooti. Ganubji says that I saw him rubbing and adding something.
Ahilya says she knew this, meaning she mixes while she’s giving drinks. Rajvaidya says that she has to check the Jadibooti drink. Ahaliya remembers that Khanderao told Ahilya that he could not share Nimaji’s secret.
Ahilya sees Ramzani and stops her, Ahilya says come with me.

Malharrao continues to praise Khanderao and his confidence. Khanderao says you’re happy he’s okay. Malharrao says yes, come to my side. Khanderoa is with them. Malharrao says that when you were a child, you always hit me, but I used to lose intentionally to make you happy. You will understand when Malharrao grows up and then you will know this happiness. You have to go to Delhi in a few days. fix for you. . Malharrao asked Khanderao why he sweats so much. Khanderao doesn’t say anything, everything is fine. Malharrao says you don’t look good, what’s wrong with you. Khanderao says that I am just tired but now be strong as you have no chance to make mistakes as it all depends on you. Khanderao says to Malharrao, I want to tell you that I have decided to give Gunuji a place in the army.

Ramzani tells Ahilya that she will help him. Ahilya tells Ramzani that she has to put on a show today.

Malharrao gets angry and says that you are making this mistake again by mixing relationship and politics. Ahilya enters. Malharrao says that now Ganoji wants revenge, Khanderao says that he knows his father is wrong. Ahilya tells Malharrao that she knows he is right, but… Khanderao loses his cool, yells at Ahilya and calls Malharrao a liar for praising her at some point. Malharrao says that with Dhanush Khanderao you are fully responsible for your decisions. Khanderao says that he agreed and left.

Dwarka and Gunuji together receive the news that Khanderao has come to visit. Gunuji behaves as if he is in pain, Dwarka supports him
Khanderao enters and tells Gunuji that he has asked Malharrao’s permission for his post and that they will soon leave for Delhi. Gunuji thanks Khanderao and says that now I will act as your shadow and even die for you so no one will call me a terrorist like they call my father. Khanderao says that we will win together and come back successfully. Gunuji hugs him and thanks him. Khanderao leaves.
Dwarka tells Gunuji, very good.

Malharrao tells Ahilya that she sees a change in Kanderao as if she is sweating and why Rajvaidya does not check it, she has something to say. Ahilya says that she doubts someone is giving her anything along with her medication. Malharrao says why you didn’t take action. Ahilya says that I only doubt that she wants evidence and for that I need permission to organize Ramzani Mehfil for all officials especially Nimaji.
Ahilya tells him that if my idea works, we’ll find out the reason for Khanderao’s change in behavior. Malharrao says do what you want and if someone is playing with our future king, I promise I will cut his head off.

Ramzani gets ready, her maid praises her and asks who is ready to look so beautiful….
(Ramzani tells Ahilya that she always had to listen to the people she hated, but today it is her pleasure to take orders from Ahilya and asks who Ramzani should target, Ahilya says I will destroy someone. I don’t want to but it’s only for the long life of Khanderao and so is this show Ramzani says I’ll dance until my last breath).

Pre Cap: Ahilya, Rajvaidya and Gunubji search Nimaji’s house. Enter Nimaji.

Update Credits: Tanaya

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