Ansh Oberoi aka Puneet Chouksey from Sirf Tum recently spoke about the subtle art of flirting on the occasion of Flirting Day. In a recent interview with BT, the actor talked about how healthy flirting motivates us to be better.

She shared, “I personally think flirting can make us feel good. It has positive effects on health, psychological well-being, and building and maintaining relationships. Healthy flirting can make someone feel good, their self-esteem.” And there is the art of boosting confidence. This is a huge boost to seduce our confidence. There is a direct link between healthy flirting and nervous system stimulation. It encourages blood flow and also leads to the release of adrenaline. The increase in adrenaline in turn increases the ability to stay alert, focus, and also makes us more sensitive to touch. Best of all, it motivates us to be better. So, when you go to a place where you know someone you like, you’ll try to be your best self.”

Talking about his share of flirting during college days. Says Puneet, “During my college days, I was shy, quiet and girls always tried to flirt with me. I will enjoy their healthy dinner. Healthy flirting is fun and makes those involved feel good. So give it a try and take advantage of it to boost your confidence, take your relationship up a notch, and improve your well-being. However we must remember that anything out of bounds is harmful. Therefore, we should always remember the thin line that keeps us soft and welcoming.”

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