PM Free Ration Yojana: Big news about free ration! Know how long rice and wheat will be available for free, the government has given important information.


PM Free Ration Yojana: Keeping in mind the problems being faced by the common people due to Corona, the Government of India is distributing food grains free of cost. Under this scheme, free distribution will continue till March 2022.

PM Free Ration Yojana: In view of the outbreak of Corona epidemic (Covid-19) in the country, in March 2020, the Food and Public Distribution Department (DFPD) of the Government of India announced the PMGKP-Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package for the poor. According to, distribution of ‘extra’ and free rice and wheat was started to about 80 crore National Food Security Act (NFSA) beneficiaries in the country under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PM-GKY). Its purpose is to reach out to the poor and needy by overcoming the difficulties of food security due to the unexpected outbreak of epidemic, lockdown and economic constraints across the country. Additional food grains are distributed on the basis of 5 kg per person per month, which is in addition to their regular monthly NFSA foodgrains (i.e. the monthly entitlements of the respective NFSA ration card). The objective of this measure is to ensure that no poor, weak or needy beneficiary/his family should suffer due to non-availability of food grains during the economic crisis arising out of the pandemic.

Know everything about the scheme:

covid-19 crisis (Covid -19) Through this special food security measure, the Government of India has almost doubled the amount of monthly food grains normally distributed to NFSA households under the categories of Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and Priority Families (PHHs) Act. Have given.

Initially during 2020-21 PM-GKAY scheme was announced for only three months April, May and June 2020 (1st phase). Later, keeping in view the continuing need to ensure food security of the poor and needy beneficiaries, the government extended the distribution of free food grains for a further period of five months from July to November 2020 (Phase-II).

However, in 2021-22, Kovid-19 (Covid -19) As the crisis continued, in April 2021, the government again announced the distribution of free food grains under PM-GKAY for a period of two months from May and June 2021 (Phase III) and then extended it from July to November 2021 (Phase III). – IV) extended for a further period of five months. Thereafter, keeping in view the continuing hardship arising out of Kovid-19 in November 2021, it was decided by the Government of India to continue the distribution of free food grains from December 2021 to March 2022 (Phase-V).

The Department of Food and Public Distribution has so far allocated about 759 lakh metric tonnes of food grains to the States/UTs for free distribution of food grains to about 80 crore NFSA beneficiaries under the PM-GKAY scheme (Phase I to V), Which is equivalent to about Rs 2.6 lakh crore in food subsidy. At present, as per the phase wise distribution report available from the States/UTs, so far a total of about 580 lakh metric tonnes of food grains have been distributed to the beneficiaries.

Make a complaint like this:

If you have a ration card and the ration dealer is refusing to give your quota of food under this scheme, then you can make a complaint on the toll-free number. Toll free numbers for each state are available on the National Food Security Portal (NFSA). You can register your complaint by calling on this.

PM-GKAY during 2020-21:

April to November 2020- The government says that a total of 321 lakh metric tonnes of food grains were allocated to the States/UTs for the distribution period of 8 months, of which the States/UTs accounted for about 94% of the NFSA population (75 crores) on an average per month across the country. Beneficiary) was informed about the total distribution of 298.8 LMT (about 93%) of food grains.

May and June 2021- According to the government, in the third phase, 79.46 lakh metric tonnes of food grains were allocated for the distribution period of 2 months, out of which the states/UTs provided an average of about 95% NFSA population (75.18 crore beneficiaries) per month. 75.2 LMT (about 94.5%) has reported the distribution of food grains.

July to November 2021- For the distribution period of 5 months under the fourth phase, the department had allocated an additional 198.78 lakh MT food grains to the States/UTs, out of which the States/UTs reported the distribution of 186.1 LMT (approximately 93.6%) of the food grains. Under this, about 93% of the NFSA population (74.4 crore beneficiaries) was covered on an average per month.

December 2021 to March 2022-Based on the announcement of continuation of PMGKAY till March 2022, the department had released allocation of 163 LMT of food grains to all States/UTs for a distribution period of 4 months. Since, the second month’s distribution has started recently, about 19.76 LMT of food grains have been distributed to the beneficiaries as per the reports received from the States/UTs.



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