Pishachini 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra to defeat Veer

Pishachini 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra to defeat Veer

Pishachini 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pavitra to defeat Veer

Pishachini Nov 14, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode opens with Pavitra telling Veer that he got suspicious when he was called three times. She says that you said you were Naashak, but you didn’t know Narak Shankh. She says that she has thought of a way to expose the great vampire and burns her fingernail as she reads in Nanu’s book. She remembers that Veer came and got the nail back from him. She says that I realized that you are maha pishach and I came here for some purpose. She says that you got the idea of ​​Neelam Paasa from Nashak’s book and you chose me by cheating and that’s how I understood that I am on your point. Veer says you’re smart, but it’s silly to come here with me. He asks who will save you from me, from these killer bottles. Rocky finds that the glow ends at a certain point. He thinks the glow must be over. He thinks about calling the exterminator and hears the sound of an animal. He sees a big deer. Veer says no one else used to come with me, you came here for the mark on your hand. He says that you are alone now. Pavitra says that you are having a misunderstanding, I came with you because I wanted to take you away from my family, I will not hesitate to end your game and she says that today your identity will end. Rocky sees the deer jump on him and sits down. The deer turns into human form. Rocky asks who you are. The great vampire says that he will rule this world and the devil calls for rain. The rain falls on the ground. Veer says save yourself if you can. Rani thinks that the super vampire will become more powerful and my identity will be lost. Sapna and others see green rain falling from the sky.

Sanchit says that it seems Veer’s plan isn’t working. Vidya says that such a rain occurs when the great vampire is about to drink the blood of his victim. Veer says the divine sign will wash out of your hand with the rain. Pavitra says not so easily. Rocky asks the person if he’s sure. He stops the car on the way to take Rocky to Pavitra. Pavitra comes with fire in her hand and the knives automatically come out of his basket and stab at Veer. Veer falls. Pavitra sees him and is about to leave, when Veer pulls a knife from his chest and throws it. Rocky asks how I can face the big vampire. The person gives him a bow and arrow and he again turns into a deer. Rocky chases the deer. Veer gives Pavitra the cage in the snow and says I’ll enjoy chewing you alive. He says wait for it now, you can’t do anything. Pavitra tells Hanuman Chalisa and breaks the ice. Veer holds his neck and says that no one can save you now. He again asks the clouds to rain green ash. He starts to rain.

Shikha says that Veer is a destroyer, but she is worried about him. She says that Pavitra and Rocky are in danger. Vidya says that Veer asked us to stay here. Shikha says that she can’t wait any longer. Sanchit says we’ll come too. Rani says that I never thought she would wish Bhakt Kumari victory and says that whoever is fighting Maha Vampire will win. Veer starts the countdown to kill him. Rocky Fries arrows around him. Pavitra looks at Rocky.

Precap: Pavitra defeats Veer with the help of Nasha and Rocky.

Update credit: H Hassan

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