Photographers have problems after the Taj Mahal was closed due to Covid – helplessness: “Click” is closed for 14 months, picture deteriorated, family who run the photographer’s job “needs” government help

Newsroom, Amar Ujala, Agra Published by: Abhishek Saxena Updated May 30, 2021 2:22 PM IST

During the Didar-e-Taj, the photographer, who once saved the memories with photos on the dome of the Taj and on the Diana seat of the central tank, worries about the closure of the Taj Mahal for 14. for months to make a living. You have not yet received any government support. There are more than 500 photographers at the monuments. In such a situation, photographers would switch businesses to make a living. Now someone is driving a taxi and someone has started working in a drugstore. The photographers had acquired the photo license at the Taj Mahal, but when the Taj Mahal was closed during the Corona period, they struggled to support the family. Meanwhile, someone is taking care of their family by driving a taxi. So someone works in a drugstore.


( News Source – Amar Ujala )

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