Parineeti 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti and Rajiv finally reunite

Parineeti 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti and Rajiv finally reunite

Parineeti 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti and Rajiv finally reunite

Parineeti Jan 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Babli calls Monty and asks if he knew about Pari. He says we’re not looking for him. Babli says find her fast or I’ll do something. Monty yells that we’re trying, disconnects the call. Neeti says that we should not panic, she says that we will go to Rakesh’s house, we will find something there.

Babli tells herself that Rajeev is strange, he had gone looking for Pari and now he is lost with her, he couldn’t even protect her. Gurwinder hears all this and thinks about talking to Rakesh so that they release his son.

Pari finds the clinic but finds it locked. She sits on the bench and moans in pain. She says that she needs to find a way, Rajiv will be suffering. I want to do something. She crosses the street and hears a police siren. She says they will help me. She stops the van and says my husband is hurt so I’m going to find the doctor. The inspector asked her to sit in the car. When she does, he asks her what happened to her husband. Pari tells him everything. The inspector says that God is useful, so I have found you. Pari thanks him. Inspector says what was the need to mess with the son of the MLA? Do you know that he has power? Pari freaks out and asks how she knew the MLA is involved in this. She asks him to stop the car but he says that I am doing this because your friend insulted me and DSP came to scold me for it. Angel sees Leo standing at the end of the path. The inspector remembers how MLA was mad at him and told him to find the girl and take her to her bodyguard Leo, if you do this I will save your job. The flashback ends. Pari points a gun at him, she says stop the car, he tries to grab her but Pari pushes him out of the car. Leo tries to run after her but Pari escapes in the car. Leo’s car starts to follow him. Pari thinks what am I going to do now? She takes Rajeev’s phone and calls Monty. She tells him that they are near the jungle, Rajeev needs your help so come here quick, she disconnects the call. Neeti asks what did she say? Monty says they are near the forest, Neeti says let’s go there. Pari sees Leo following her and continues driving.

scene 2
Rajeev suffers but continues to wait for Pari. The man says that he doesn’t worry. Rajeev says why he didn’t come till now? The man says that he should have been here by now. Rajeev says what if he is in trouble? The man says don’t worry about her I miss my wife you care about her. I remember my wife looking here and there if she didn’t come home from work on time. Rajiv asks where his wife is. The man says that she died 9 years ago, I left the village after that and I live here now. Rajeev asks if she doesn’t feel weird without him. He says yes, I spend my time working but I still miss her. We used to care about each other, at least you’re waiting for your wife, but I can’t even do that. Rajeev thinks how to tell her that Pari is not her wife and I cheated on her, but he still risked her life for me.

Pari drives while Leo tries to stop her. Monty’s car drives past them and Neeti says I think it was Pari or maybe I’m dreaming. Angel walks away from Leo and crashes into a tree. Niti asks Monty to stop the car, I think we should check this area. They enter the forest and find Rakesh’s man unconscious. She says they should be close. She screams for Sanju and Pari. Rajeev hears someone calling and then the man tells him that he will go and come back.

Leo stops his car and finds Pari unconscious in the car. He says that the time has come to finish my work. His man says let’s kill him and finish our job. Leo says that she is still breathing, I never kill people behind her back, she must know that she died by my hands. She has to live a little longer. She says to have her sit in our car.

The man returns home with Neeti. Neeti goes to him and cries. When she cries, Rajeev hugs her tightly. Neeti sees her wound and cries. Monty asks how this happened. Rajeev tells them everything. Neeti asks where is Pari. Rajeev says that he went to see the doctor but I am worried about her. Monty says that Pari called us and told us about you. Neeti says that I am worried about Pari. Rajeev says that she will be in trouble otherwise the MLA goons will not forgive her. Neeti cries and says that we have to find him at all costs. Rajiv asks her to calm down on her and tells us to look for her. The man says I’ll take you to town. Rajeev thanks her for saving his life and says to pray for Pari. The man asks who this girl is. Neeti says that I am his wife. The man is confused.

Precap: Leo tells Pari that he works for Ahlawat and Ahlawat has ordered him to kill Pari. Monty tells everyone at home that Ahlawat’s goons have kidnapped Pari.
Here Niti and Rajeev are some men talking about how a man hit a woman and the woman struggled to defend herself. A woman tells Rajeev that Pari is in a box. Angel is in a coffin, buried alive.

Update Credits: Atiba

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