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Preneet’s mother takes Preneet down. Preneet has left her phone behind so Neeti is unable to reach her.

Neeti’s mother asks her to come out and meet the boy. Neeti is the reason that Preneet has not seen the boy’s picture. Her mother reason is that Preneet will meet the boy who has been chosen for her earlier. You can both do it later. everything is ready. You have to serve food now.

Preneet serves tea to everyone. Mandeep sees it. I’ll see how it feels when you don’t find a match you like.

Rajeev is eager to leave but his cousin stops him. Then poetry joins them. I was late as I had to take Varun and his parents to the girl’s family. Do you like Rajiv? Niti’s family says yes. Rajeev tries to forgive himself but his cousin doesn’t let him go. Niti brings tea to all. Rajeev hasn’t looked up yet. She gives tea to Rajiv’s mother and then to Rajiv. Neeti thinks of spreading tea instead of giving it to the boy. He will never forget my name! She spills the tea and then drops a plate of jalebi on it. Rajiv smiles broadly while Neeti gets irritated seeing him. Save me Waheguru! Rajiv’s cousin sees Rajiv smiling and is confused. Neeti’s maternal uncle asks Rajiv if he is fine. Rajeev shakes his head and calls him mama ji. She is stunned. They ask Neeti to take Rajiv inside. Help her clean it.

Neeti brings Rajiv to Vishal’s room and starts scolding him again. She then gives him a suit to change. He goes to the bathroom. She smiles thinking that he will look like the Joker now. Neeti tries to get Preneet’s number but in vain. Rajiv comes out wearing that suit. Vishal comes to check on them. Both of them laugh when they see Rajiv disguised as Charlie Chaplin. Vishal shared that I wore it to a fancy dress contest but I looked like a clown instead of Charlie Chaplin. Rajiv doesn’t care about humiliation. He looks at Neeti sweetly with a laugh. Vishal says now you can handle her as she will not stop laughing for long now. Everyone outside must be thinking you guys are really killing it when they don’t know what the circus is going on here. Stop him from getting mad and change that too. Come out soon brother. He leaves.

Rajiv keeps watching the policy. Rajiv tells Neeti that the pants are tight and a little short. I will remove it. She turns. Don’t you dare do that or I’ll scream! He says you are only fooling me. She is a bit mischievous but she is very sweet. He thanks God for giving him a chance to meet his dream girl. He tells her that he was joking and taunts her lightly. He asks her if she will marry him. His eyes widened in shock.

Preneet’s father gave yes to the marriage. Mandeep smiled. Preneet does not like this boy but has no option but to say yes. She gives sweets to everyone. God has turned the table and my revenge will be complete! Both the families decided to fix the marriage. Preneet sadly thinks about Rajiv. If we were not lucky, why did you (Baba ji) introduce me to him?

Rajiv again asks Neeti. She tells him that it is marriage. Introduce yourself first. He tells her to go ahead and ask. She takes out her question paper. They are sure they will click. We will definitely be a great match. She asks him if he has that much confidence. he nods. It’s because I like you. He starts answering her questions. He tries to be a little jovial but she tells him to focus or she will reject him. He shares that he was studying architecture in Chandigarh, but then came back for his mother’s sake. She asks him what he is doing now to fulfill his dreams. Are you planning to go back to Chandigarh or Delhi after convincing your mother? He replies that it is not that easy to convince his mother. You have asked me a lot. Tell me about yourself now. She shares that she is trendy and ambitious. I can’t be a traditional housewife so I want to move to the city. I want to become an airhostess. He says that our likes and ambitions are the same. He disagrees. You gave up your way and dreamed for your mother, whereas I can’t. He tells her that he is wrong. She says your answers told me that you are mama’s boy. I want a guy who will stand up for me and be independent. Rajiv reasons that he too can do the same. We may shift to Chandigarh or Delhi after marriage. Only then can you fulfill your dreams. She says I don’t think you will be able to fulfill my dreams right now. Make your dreams come true first. Vishal interrupts them. Rajeev asks her to fulfill what she is saying. She suggests going out. Everyone else can listen to it too.

Neeti’s mother tells Neeti that Preneet’s alliance has been settled. You too will be fine now. It will be a double celebration. Rajiv’s mother tells Neeti that they like her. Let’s start the ritual. Niti says no to Rajiv. Everyone is surprised. Neeti says that it is not that she is not good looking or has any flaw in her. He is a timid and dependent kind of boy. We don’t have anything like that. Neeti’s mother tries to stop her but Rajiv’s mother asks her to let Neeti speak. The policy says that they should know the reason. She asks Rajiv’s mother to give some freedom to Rajiv. He too has the right to live in his own way. Rajeev asks her not to say anything. Neeti asks him why he is so afraid of his mother. Rajiv’s mother asks Neeti if she thinks so. Niti shook her head. Rajiv’s mother has gone with her family. As soon as Rajiv leaves, Neeti looks at him unhappy. Niti’s mother asks Neeti what she has done. Neeti goes to her room.

Varun’s father tells Preneet’s family that Varun is going to Dubai after 2 weeks. We thought we should marry him before that. Both of them can go to Dubai together. They can enjoy their honeymoon there. Varun’s mother says that she has chosen a muhurat for marriage even before coming here. If you don’t mind, we can get married in 2 days. Mandeep says yes. We can do it tomorrow too. The reason for BG is that if the Muhurta is for the day after tomorrow. Jaswant asks Harman who says yes to marriage. Jaswant asks his brother to bring a gold coin. Varun’s mother performs the aarti of Preneet. She gives gifts and starts roka. Preneet is ours now. Gunpreet performs Varun’s aarti and blesses the couple. She gives Varun a gold coin as an omen. Everyone congratulates each other. They go to the dinner table.

Gurpreet asks Preneet if he is happy. Preneet shook his head. Gurpreet leaves on the call of her husband. Preneet wonders why he is not happy even when his dream is coming true. what is my dream who is my dream Rajiv stopped his car outside Preneet’s house at a red light. He looks at Preneet from the window. His cousin asks him to drive as the signal has turned green. Rajiv complied.

Rajiv’s mother asks Kavita to tell Neeti and her family that neither of them likes Neeti or her family. We would never say yes to them in their dreams. She ends the call angrily. Kavita thinks that Gurinder has become very arrogant ever since Preneet’s family has rejected Rajiv.

Neeti looks at Preneet from the window. She indicates to Preneet that when Preneet looks up, he silently turns aside.

Preneet’s cousin tells Preneet that she is not like Varun. She runs away. Preneet tells Neeti that her marriage is fixed. Niti shook her head. Preneet asks her to meet him once. Your approval is important. Niti tells him that it is not needed when his parents have already selected him. I won’t come to your wedding, although I’m running tonight. Preneet asks her if she has gone mad. Neeti closed the door. Mommy has killed me! Preneet asks him why did he do this. Neeti says I must have said something which I should not have done.

In the flashback, Neeti tells her mother that she does not want to get married. If you bring me another alliance I will run away! His mother slaps him. Mama intervenes. Policy is a child. Her mother says that I was pregnant at her age. If she talks like this then I can put her on the right track. I will marry her to a boy of my choice. I won’t even let her see her face before marriage. She warns Neeti not to step out of the house. The flashback ends.

Neeti tells Preneet that after his death, she only has dreams of her father. I will fulfill his dream of becoming an airhostess. He was a pilot and that’s what he wanted for me. It is shown in the flashback that Neeti’s father asks Neeti to become an airhostess as she likes to serve tea to everyone. Little Neeti says I am a girl who has to get married. He asks her to get married after fulfilling his dreams. The flashback ends. Neeti says I cannot let Papa’s dreams go into the drain. So, I have decided to leave the village tonight only!

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