Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe meets Neeti as Sanju’s wife

Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe meets Neeti as Sanju’s wife

Parineeti 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: Bebe meets Neeti as Sanju’s wife

Parineeti Feb 1, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Pami receives a call and what does it say? She tells her husband that now I know why Gurwinder leaves for the village when Dadi-aunty/bebe comes, you know how scary she is and she finds fault with me and my family. I will tell the family, but what will we tell Rajeev and Pari? She says that Biji is leaving so that we can introduce Rajeev and Neeti as a couple. Pami says it’s not that easy.

Pami approaches Gurvinder and tells him that I now know why you are leaving. She says that now you can live with Dadi-Chachi/Babe. Pami says that I know you don’t like her but she’s our eldest. Gurvinder says that I don’t insult anyone, I always served him but he always insulted me. Chandrika arrives and Pami tells her grandma and aunt are coming. Gurvinder says that she is our mother-in-law and she is established in her old ways, so he should be careful with her. Gurvinder thinks I’d like to stay here, but I have another job.

All family members are waiting for Dadi-Chachi/Babe. Niti tells Rajeev that she is afraid. Rajeev says that the baby never liked my mother so I don’t know how she will react to it. Pari asks Bebe to accept Neeti. Neeti looks at him and thinks that I know that she is worried about Rajeev, but I will understand her well. Pari thinks that Neeti should take her straight to the house. Babe leaves the house and rings the doorbell. Everyone is afraid to open the door, so Pari goes. She opens the door and welcomes Bebe. Bebe looks him up and down. Pari touches her feet. All family members welcome her but she says who will wash my feet? Pari says I’ll get water. Baby asks who is he? Pami says that she is a friend of Sanju’s wife. Bebe tells Pami that you should know my rules. Pami says sorry, she goes into the house and sits down. Pami points towards Rajeev and Neeti. Rajeev and Neeti touch her feet. Does baby say that she is your wife? He nods. Bebe says that she hasn’t even covered her head and that she isn’t wearing gold. Pami says that we keep the gold in the locker for her safekeeping. Baby says but we must not forget our culture. Bebe says she didn’t even reach down to touch my feet. Rajeev says that he is pregnant, so he cannot bow down. Babe says then why is he wandering around like that? She asks where Gurwinder is. Pami says that she went to town. Aman and Chandrika congratulate her. Neeti whispers to Rajiv that she is very scared. Bebe asks them to go to the temple tomorrow and do the puja. Baby looks at Pari. She asks Neeti to take her to her room. Neeti goes with him. Pari smiles and thinks that I’m a guest in this house now, I should be happy about politics, but I feel bad.

Bebe tells Neeti that she didn’t tell me about your pregnancy, you have to be careful with the evil eye. Niti says that your thought process is sacred. Babe smiles and says that you are mature but why do you keep your friend here? Neeti says that Pari is like my sister. Babe says that she stays in this house and your husband is here, a man can easily make mistakes. Neeti says that it is not, Pari is also married. Bebe says but she doesn’t live with her husband but with her husband. You’d better fire her soon, otherwise she may seduce your husband. Niti says that this will not happen. Bebe asks him to leave. Neeti thinks that she doesn’t know that I’m in this house because of Pari, she won’t do anything like this to me.

The episode ends.

Update Credits: Atiba

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