Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara pampers Krish

Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara pampers Krish

Pandya Store 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara pampers Krish

Pandya Store Feb 6, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Krish saying that we should go back to Canada. Prerna says that your family is very nice. She says that my past is connected to this place, you can’t understand it. She asks beyond Ya Shweta, she is a closed chapter in your life, she now she is gone, she is no longer in your life. He says until I stay here this chapter can never be closed whatever bad thing happened in my house Shweta is responsible I see Shweta everywhere in these family members problems what should I do ?, I’m afraid to stay there, I can’t see Chutki there, I’m looking at Suman, at Chiku with hate, I’m running through memories. Prerna says that I will heal your wound, give me a chance. They say wounds won’t heal until we get rid of them.

He says we’ll try to find her. She says don’t give us false hope. She says you can go ahead if you want. She says I’ve moved on. Dhara comes there. Krish thinks why Dhara always comes in front of me, she just eases my heart saying that you said wrong that day, it wasn’t my mistake, you are my mother, it’s ok. Dhara asks if you said something. He said no. She asks him to save some money. He asks why, I am not idle now, I earn money. She says that for parents, children are always children, Gautam will also want to spend money on his new start in life, save this money for the dress and engagement ring, he could have gotten it, but Krish’s choice changed. Prerna says that is already a lot. Dhara says to save it, after a long time you have a chance to spend it on children. She cries and leaves. Krish says that she always does this, she scolded me so much that I left home, she didn’t hug me and said that she did wrong, she just gave money and left. Prerna says that you respect her mom, why do you want to apologize to her, my mom also scolded me many times, she never asks for forgiveness, parent-child relationship doesn’t depend on formality, sorry right? keep distance between relationships for a regret. Suman searches for everyone. She beats the drum and announces Krish’s engagement. She invites everyone to dance. Dhara and Chiku arrive. Suman asks them to dance and celebrate. Dhara and Chiku dance. Mithu and Shesh come to dance. Raavi and Rishita come and take their children. It is morning, Dhara buys things from the market. Gautam comes home drunk. She says that today is Krish’s engagement and he started in the morning, how do I make you understand? Gautam looks at the flowers. He asks what are you doing, you will ruin everything like you ruined this house. He asks her to leave. She says that I will get new garlands from the market, you will be in the compromise in your senses. He asks am I not conscious now, you want to insult me, you broke my house. She asks Chiku to take Gautam away. Chiku arrives and then says… Dhara says look at you. Gautama asks what. Chiku says come, I’ll show you. Gautam kisses her and says take my finger and carry me. Chiku smiles and takes it.

Dhara sees Rishita scolding the school staff for the call. Rishita shouts and says that I will get my money back, I am Rishita Pandya, I will sue my friends. She throws something. Dhara escapes getting hurt. Dhara asks what happened, are you worried? do I help you? Rishita says I’m not interested in discussing my problem with you, don’t make this drama. Dhara begins the decorations. She asks Raavi to help her. Raavi leaves.

Suman watches TV shows. The kids get there and see the bowl of chips. Suman says I like the old one, since she was taken out of the show, she must be Chutki’s age. Dhara says how do I stop them. Raavi says that we don’t have clothes to wear, Mithu should wear new clothes. Dhara learns that the children are planning to steal the tiles. She tugs on Chiku’s ear. She asks them to leave. Dhara says I’ll chip later, I’ll go out and play. Rishita says that I won’t mind the compromise. Raavi says that Dhara asked us to go after the engagement. Rishita says you still listen to her, I won’t stay. Raavi says I don’t want to stay but… Rishita asks what happened. Raavi asks for Dev and Shesh’s clothes for Shiva and Mithu. She says our clothes have gotten old, we don’t have money to buy new clothes to wear to the show. Rishita also gives Raavi clothes. Raavi asks me? Rishita says keep it, three sets of clothes are new. Chutki asks if we are going somewhere. Shweta says we have to operate on you.

Chutki says you’re in trouble because I’m not doing a TV show. Rishita says I can’t stay here. Raavi says that I am here only for Suman. Rishita says that Shesh’s boarding school will not return the money. Shweta says that everything will be fine when we have money, soon we will have a lot of money. Chutki says I love you. Shweta says that I love you too. She brings ice cream for him. She says that I have to go to Somnath now.

Dhara says that I promise, Rishita and Raavi will not go today. Suman says to stop them somehow. Dhara says that if they stay behind, then you must accept Chiku and be a grandmother to him. Cheeku listen to this.

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