Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman forgives Shweta

Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman forgives Shweta

Pandya Store 31st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman forgives Shweta

Pandya Store Oct 31, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with Shweta asking Krish to talk to Dhara. He scolds her. He asks her to talk to Dhara. He says that Dhara has a big heart, she will forgive you, I will not give you space in my heart, I do not love you. She thinks I want a roof over my head and food, I don’t care about you and Dhara. She says that I will see Cheeku once. She goes. She listens to Dhara and Rishita talk. Rishita apologizes to Dhara. She says that we will marry a good girl from Krish, Shweta asks you to adopt Cheeku, you can still do it, she doesn’t love Cheeku, otherwise she would have asked about him, she only got Cheeku. I want money, give it to him. money and send it. Shweta says I just want a roof. She says that Rishita knew everything, maybe she planned to call Deven. Rishita says yes, because you blinded my family, Dhara is ignoring your truth. Shweta says it’s not my fault, I promised her I’d change, she was trying but Rishita took my chance. She cries and says I went to mom and dad’s house, they kicked me out too, some thugs attacked me on the street, they tried to misbehave. Dhara asks are you okay now? Shweta says let me stay here, I beg you, I have nowhere to go. Dhara says wake up, what are you doing? She says that she was going to give you one more chance, it happened because you couldn’t gain Rishita’s trust, you apologize to Rishita and assure her that you will change, move on with Krish. Shweta apologizes to Rishita. She says that no one will accept me except this family, let me stay here. Rishita says I don’t trust you, it’s a family decision, if you try to hurt someone I’ll kick you out of the house, it’s your problem to convince Suman, Dhara can see it. . She left. Dhara asks Shweta to rest. She goes. Shweta vows to break up the family. It is morning, Gautam talks with an agent for a trip to Goa. He says that Shiv and Ravi’s fights will end, I will send them to Goa. Shiva comes to Krishna. He says you have become mute, why? Krish says that I was a child before. Shiva says that you are mature now, tell your problems to your older brothers. Krish says that I am not tense, that I have to keep the marriage with Shweta. Shiv says tell me, do you want to be with her after knowing the truth from her. Krish says I don’t know, you’re leaving now, I’ll come later. Suman asks Ravi not to do anything for her. She says I don’t want anything, just go away. Shweta come. They are surprised to see it.

Suman asks who opened the door for Shweta, what is she doing here. Dhara says please forgive her. Suman asks how dare you go against my decision. She asks Shweta to come out, how did you wear bangles again? Dhara says that her parents did not let her in. Suman says yes we won’t let her in, she calls Krish here. Dhara tells her not to divorce Krish, to give him a chance for Krish’s sake. They add the scold. Dhara says that Shweta promised me, she will change, Deven is after her, she is blackmailing her, Deven kidnapped Cheeku. Shweta cries. Dhara says that Shweta did this for her son. Shweta says that I did this for Cheeku, who will save us, Dhara saved us before. She brings Cheeku there and begs Suman. Ravi says we should give it a try. Rishita says that I sent a message to Deven to come here and reveal the truth about him, he didn’t know that he was helpless. Everyone accepts Suman. Suman says we’ll give him a chance for Krish’s sake, if we know anything else then… I won’t let you. She also warns Dhara. She says that if for some reason I kicked Shweta out of this house, you will leave the house with her too.

Shweta plans to break up Ravi and Shiv’s relationship. Shweta brainwashed Dhara. Rishita listens to Shweta and asks her what is she telling her, Shiv and Ravi are going to go to Goa.

Update Credits: Amena

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