Pandya Store 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta returns home to blackmail Krish

Pandya Store 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta returns home to blackmail Krish

Pandya Store 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta returns home to blackmail Krish

Pandya Store Oct 30, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

The episode begins with some men making fun of Shweta. Dhara comes back to her senses. Gautam says that when you learned the truth from Shweta, why didn’t you tell me? You went to deal with Deven alone. Dhara says I know, you’re with me to handle the mess, so he doesn’t scare me. He says what I will do if something happens to you. He says that nothing will happen to me when you are with me. Shweta finds herself surrounded by thugs and worries. Dhara remembers Shweta. She sees Cheeku. Shweta screams for help. Some women are coming. The thugs run away. The lady asks if she is okay, where is her house. Shweta says pass hai, thanks, I’ll manage. The stream cries. Krish says it’s a good thing Shweta isn’t here, my mother asked me to get a divorce, Dhara took Cheeku with her. Shweta remembers her past life and cries.

She says I stopped on the highways once, I won’t let this happen again. Rishita thinks I’ve kicked out Shweta, Dhara can go get her back, I have to talk to her. She walks out and sees Dhara crying. Dhara says that I am afraid that my Krish will break. Rishita says you shouldn’t cry over that cheating girl, don’t say you’re thinking of bringing her back. Shweta picks up a rock and hurts herself. Dhara asks what you mean. Rishita says that Suman kicked her out, the truth came out. Dhara says that you did it. Rishita says yes, I sent a message to Deven to come and take the jewels, it was my plan. Dhara says you can’t give him a chance. Rishita says that she was acting to become a cultured daughter-in-law. Dhara says I hate you, did you think of Cheeku? If Shweta had taken it, how would she have lived? she climbs Shweta enters the house through a window. She comes to Krish’s room. He is surprised to see her. He asks why you came here, go away. She says I didn’t come here to stay, no one will accept me here, some thugs followed me, I saved my life and came here, here I am safe. She says when you cheated on us, you should have known the price of this house, get out. She says I didn’t come here to stay. Rishita asks Dhara to listen to her. Dhara says that she ruined everything. Rishita says that I just put the truth of her up front. The stream applauds him. She says you proved yourself right, when Shweta comes for chiku give it to her. Shweta says to go find Cheeku from the creek. Kris asks what did you say, you were going to leave him and go to Dubai, why did you come here, you don’t love Cheeku, I won’t let Cheeku come with you. She says I will not leave him, he is my son, you love money, he does not, Dhara has become rich, I wish to sell him or beg him, she goes and talks to Dhara. Krish wonders what will happen to Dhara if Cheeku leaves. Shweta thinks that Krish and Dhara will agree if I get emotional and cry. Rishita says that I didn’t think of Cheeku. Dhara says don’t think of anyone but yourself, how will I send Cheeku to Shweta? She cries.

Shweta cries and says that I agree, I have made a big mistake, believe me, whatever happens, I did not plan all that, it is not my fault, Deven is my past. Krish asks why you lied. Shweta says I was helpless, I thought I’d get rid of her, I know you’d do anything for Cheeku, if you want Cheeku to go with the flow, let me stay here, where will I go? He says that if someone can save you and let you stay here, it’s only Dhara, I can give you a place to live in this room, not my heart, just for the sake of Dhara and Cheeku.

Shweta plans to break up Ravi and Shiv’s relationship. Shweta brainwashed Dhara. Rishita listens to Shweta and asks her what is she telling her, Shiv and Ravi are going to go to Goa.

Update Credits: Amena

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