Pandya Store 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara caught in fire

Pandya Store 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara caught in fire

Pandya Store 18 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara caught in fire

Pandya Store 18 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Suman arguing with the ladies. She says that Rishita has gone to Maika for delivery. Dev sees Shiva and does not meet him. Gautam comes and hugs Dev. Janardhan says when we will gift this paper to Dev, there will be a big blast in Pandya family. Dhara hears this and says that it will not happen. Gautam gives soft drink to Dev and Rishita. They say that Shiva had made this decoration. Shiva says no, Gautam and Dhara did it. Kirti comes and bows. Dev congratulates Suman. Suman says I don’t want any forced respect. Janardhan hugs Gautam. Kamini congratulates Suman. Dhara thinks I know they want to trap Dev, but I have to take Dev away from them. Dev congratulates Dhara.

Dev and Rishita dance with everyone. Listen Kal Raat Ki Kahani… Dil Chori….. Plays….. Suman asks Dhara what is she waiting for now. The earth doesn’t say anything, will you have anything. Dev’s call comes. The stream follows him. She says I have to bring some stuff from godown, Shiv is dancing, so I came to call you. Dhara takes Dev with him. Suman thinks where is she taking Dev.

Women stop Suman and argue. Shiva and Ravi dance. She stumbles. He keeps it. Suman asks Dhara where is she running, where is Dev. Dhara says I have sent her to get some things. Suman thinks this is the right time to make her disappear. She says I have stomach ache, drop me home. Dhara says I have a lot of work here, I will send Ravi. Suman says when I am sick, I only trust you, drop me home, give medicines and come back. She takes the stream.

Shiv and Ravi go to the shop. He looks at her. She says when Rishita insulted you that day, I removed the anklets and took an oath that till I educate you, I will not wear the anklets you presented. He gets angry and asks why didn’t you tell me this. He cries. He says now you see, I will work hard and study, I will respect you, I promise you, unless I do this, our husband-wife relationship will not progress, we will not be united. She asks will you really study. He says yes, that anklet will be in your ankles soon, I will make you wear it. Rishita smiled seeing the cake. She asks Dev. Gautam says I saw him going there on phone, Dhara is not here. Rishita calls Dev.

Kamini says Dhara and Dev might mess something up. Rishita goes to Gautam. She says Dev’s phone is off, she is with Dhara, I am sure she has a plan to convince Dev to come back to Pandya’s house, Dhara is not so simple, Dev will say he doesn’t want to come home to me. . Gautam says we should first find out where they went. Kamini asks did Dhara make Dev disappear, our plan will fail. Dhara brings Suman home. Suman asks Dhara to bring medicines from Gautam’s room. The earth goes up. Suman says she got trapped. Suman is sitting at the top of the well. Dhara is shocked and remembers the last time Suman fell inside the well. Suman says don’t come forward, I am not having stomach pain, you were going to divide my family, go to your room. Dhara says no, I am just trying to bring the family together. Suman says I have heard everything, if you will come out of the house then you will see me dead. She asks Dhara to go back. Dhara says I am doing this for the betterment of the house. Suman asks should I jump. Dhara says I am doing this for betterment, just think. Suman says I am jumping. Dhara says no, I am going to the room. Suman asks Dhara to lock herself in the room and throw the key down. She sits there. Dhara says I am throwing keys. Suman receives it and gets tied with her dupatta. Dhara says what should I do, Janardan and Kamini can mess up.

Dhara explains to Suman. Suman says go to sleep, you will not go to the party, the matter is over. Suman is sitting there. She looks at the twinkling light. She says we have to change the wiring, she was right. She sees that the spark of fire is catching the wires. She asks Dhara to come out of the room early. She says fuse is blown, its on fire, come out of the stream. She asks if Dhara really sleeps. She shouts to Dhara. She looks for the water pipe.

She finds bucket of water and thinks how should I throw water from here. She struggles to put out the fire. Suman calls. She calls Gautam. Gautam’s number is busy. Suman cries.

Janardhan says this is your real surprise, Pandya and grandson store the original. He gifts the shop to Dev. Everyone gets shocked.

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