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The episode begins with Dhara and Ravi talking about Rishita. Dhara says it is not bad if Bahu goes to Maika, but it is bad if she fights with everyone and goes after breaking the terms. Rishita comes home. Everyone smiles seeing him. Dhara goes to collect Aarti’s plate. Gautam says I will go and bring sweets. Ravi hugs Rishita. She says I told you that you will get bored there, Dhara will get aarti plate, stay here. Shiva comes and sees Rishita. Rishita goes to Shiva and scolds him. She asks who are you, what is your status. Seeing this, Dhara drops Aarti’s plate.

Rishita shouts at him. She says you will always be illiterate. Dev comes home and sees. Dhara and Suman get angry. Dev asks what are you saying, I am glad that you are coming back home. Rishita says a man came from my office to sign papers, he asked her to leave that we don’t live here, she should have sent him to office, it caused loss of crores and Sagar fired me, what You can imagine, you could read the paper once, I forgot you can’t even read ABCD. Ravi cries. Dev asks why did you do this Shiva. Shiv says that he should have changed the home address in the office. Rishita says sorry, I forgot, all idiots stay here, they will not see important writing, you are an illiterate man. Dev says let me talk. He says Shiva, you made a mistake, apologize to Rishita. Ravi says wait a minute Dev, Shiva will not apologize to Rishita, that man didn’t ask Rishita’s address and Shiva didn’t say this, don’t blame Shiva. Dev says you are doing his favour, don’t ignore it. Ravi says you and your wife also did mistakes, I never saw Gautam and Dhara insulting you like you are insulting Shiva. She is standing with Shiva. She says you have insulted my Shiva, so I am replying. Rishita says yes, you all have respect, not respect, so you left the office man, what can we expect from an illiterate man, come god.

She says Ravi you used to call Shiva illiterate earlier, you used to hate him, well, you are feeling angry now. Ravi says we had problems, then I saw his heart, it is the most beautiful thing in the world, you can’t know what it is for me, don’t waste your time. Rishita insulted Shiva. Dhara, Dev and Ravi shout to Rishita…. Rishita looks at Dev. Suman gets angry.

Dhara asks Rishita to keep quiet. Rishita says truth will not change. Shiva cries and leaves. The logic of sage. Dhara says I am glad that you came back, but with this attitude. Rishita says watch your attitude. Ravi says enough, Dev takes him away. Rishita says I don’t like living here among illiterate people. Ravi says I will educate him and show you, I will give him answer to you. Rishita laughs and jokes at him. Ravi removes the bracelet gifted by Shiva.

She says Shiva made me wear this anklet with a lot of love and wanted me to never remove it, but today I swear, unless I educate her and stand in front of you, I will not wear this anklet . Rishita says think well, maybe you never wore this anklet, he doesn’t even know the calculation, you are talking about educating him. Ravi says my Shiva is not educated but has more manners than you, you are educated and still illiterate. The logic of sage. Dhara asks Dev to take away Rishita, she has no right to insult Shiva and Ravi. Rishita asks who are you to explain my rights to me. Suman says eldest daughter-in-law of this house. Rishita says I am also this house bahu, so I will come and go whenever I want, I will see who stops me. Suman says I will stop you.

She asks Rishita to get out of her house. Rishita goes and takes her bag. She closes the door of the room. Suman says this is my house, no room will be locked, and there will be no hearing. She asks for the key. Rishita says hearts are already locked, I was just locking my room, I can do it legally, don’t stop me. She left. Dev follows him. Suman says you are going after her. Dev says forgive him, he is not conscious, try to understand him, I am sorry from his side. He leaves. Shiva walks on the road. He remembers Rishita’s words. You don’t know… pretends… Gautam sees Shiva and calls him out. He thinks he might be going to the store. Ravi calls Shiva.

Shiva sees his mark sheet. He shouts how could I study seeing my elder brother working in the shop. Ravi listens to her. She says I am very proud of you, study again, study for yourself, for your dreams.

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