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Episode starts with Mamta asking Suhani to take rest, else she will scold her. Suhani says I m fine now. Asha sees them and gets tea sent by a servant. She goes. Mamta makes banners for Ranveer. She prays for him. Suhani woke up. She even makes some banners for Ranveer to get votes. Its morning, Suhai and Mamta hand out pamphlets to the students. Ranveer looks at Suhani. He takes away the fliers and tears them apart. he goes Ansh tells something to his friends. Rhea smiles and takes the flyer. She trashes it. Ansh’s friends opposed Ranveer. Ranveer’s friends come and shout to vote for Ranveer. They fight. Ranveer comes. He says let them do whatever, you guys continue. he goes The students voted. The Dean comes to announce the results. He says that 90% of the votes are in favor of Ranveer. Mamta and Suhani smile. Ranveer says I do not accept this voting, I will do what I like, I decided, I will not join this college again. Ansh comes and asks why Ranveer.

He says you don’t want to study because of Suhani, so I called Rakesh here. Mamta requests Rakesh to support Ranveer and his career. Rakesh thinks about Suhani and Ranveer’s words. He says I don’t want Suhani to leave her studies, I understand Ranveer is an angry person like me but he will never harm Suhani, I came to know the truth, I told my daughter that this unwanted marriage will never happen. Be free she wants, I’ll see the world. Ranveer and Mamta get shocked. Suhani hugs Rakesh. Ansh gets angry.

Mamta asks Ranveer will you join college now. Ranveer nodded and hugged her. At home, Mamta makes sweets for Vikrant. He says it is fantastic, you made it great, you look very happy. She says you didn’t expect it, Suhani and I canceled Ranveer’s expulsion order without taking your name, now you have to keep your promise, you will not stop Ranveer from going to college, and tear those papers. He scolds her. She asks him to think about the kids, why can’t they choose their own path. He says good night. She left.

Mamta goes to Suhani and helps her. She says that the wound heals quickly, if the mother applies the ointment, the scars will also go away. Suhani says I am staying here and troubling you, you have to bear Ansh and family, still you are giving me a lot of love. Ranveer comes. Mamta says how sweet you talk. Ranveer says Suhani is doing wrong with me, she already won my heart and now my mother. Mamta hugs Suhani.

Riya breaks things in anger. Her father stops her and says Ranveer will become a big doctor now, don’t worry. She says Suhani will be in that college, love is powerful, I don’t want them to come close again. Asha asks Ansh what will he do now. He says learn from Ranveer, he is of your age. Ansh says don’t take his name, I have never done this before. He thinks about using his trump card.

Its morning Suhani is with Ranveer. Ansh comes and asks her to sit, her husband bought a new bike for her. Ranveer asks did you steal or begged from someone. Ansh says I bought it by consulting a dealer and getting this bike in return. They both argue. Suhani asks them to stop it, she is a human, nothing. She says I can take my decision, I will go with Ranveer. She goes with Ranveer. Ansh asks how can you leave me. He does the recording. He says thanks Ranveer, I got what I wanted, see what I do now. Ranveer smiles seeing Suhani. He signs his friends. People say that the canteen is closed, please hurry up and leave, thanks. The canteen is empty. Suhani asks what is this Ranveer. He says college is over, I have to tell you something, I saw you decide in my favor today, I felt good. She says I did what my heart said. He asks why didn’t you wait for me that day, life has given us a second chance, your father told you to get rid of that relationship, forget that day like a nightmare and be with me forever. Come close.

There are romantic moments between Ranveer and Suhani. He is kept at gunpoint by some goons. they run away. Suhani says I love you Ranveer. Ansh drags her away.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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