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Ration card is one of the most important documents not only for ration but also for many other facilities. At a time when India is caught in the third mercy of the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, the ration card becomes an important document regarding many other schemes given by the government and government lakhs. Due to which you can get many benefits in the coming time.

Ration card is an important document given by the government to the citizens. This document not only provides subsidized ration to the poor but is also used for identification. It is also used for proof of citizenship, address proof. Ration card holders get discount on the purchase of wheat, sugar, rice, kerosene etc. For a few months, free food grains are being given to poor families in states like UP, Delhi.

Ration card is used in many places:

Not only this, the ration card is used as an identity card from opening the Jan Dhan account. If someone does not have Aadhar card, then he can use the ration card at many places. But sometimes the name is removed from the ration list due to various reasons, in such a situation common people have to face a lot of problems. Especially when you do not even know that your name has been removed from the list of ration card. Today we are going to tell you how to check name in ration card sitting at home. For this you have to go to the website of NFSA.

Check your name in the list like this:

To know whether your name has been cut in the ration card list or not, you should visit its official website. will go on.

After this you will select the option of ration card.

Now you have to click on the option with Ration Card Details On State Portals.

After which you have to choose your state and your district in it.
After the district, you have to enter the name of your block, then choose the name of the panchayat.

Now here you select the name of the shopkeeper of your ration shop and the type of ration card.

After this a list of names will come in front of you, which is of ration card holders. Then you can see your name in this list.

– If your name is in this list, then your name is not cut off. You can also download this list.



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