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No Service Validity Means in VI in Hindi

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Today we are going to learn about a new VI of unserviced secret validity means in the telecom industry. In such a situation, if there is a Vodafone or Idea or VI that has been combining Vodafone and Idea. If you have clients then they are here VI No Service Validity Meaning Hindi I will get along with how can you know.

What is it for with any VI recharge plan? All this has been explained in detail. As a telecommunications customer, it is very important to know this term.

When a customer recharges his mobile, he gets validity for a few days. When this term ends, even if there is money in the mobile, then the person cannot make calls and no calls can enter their phone. In such a situation, here comes the concept of Vodafone Idea No Service Validity and here you can know its meaning.

What is the Invalidity of the Service?

Probably many mobile users are not aware of the word No Service Validity because in mobile recharge telecom operators provide information to their customers about the validity of a single word and that is all we know.

The Hindi meaning of No Service Validity is a recharge plan that has balance but does not have any validity to make calls. In such a situation, you can understand that Vodafone and Idea use SIM cards. the client VI No Service Validity means To have information about.

When the Vodafone Idea client we know as VI. If you recharge it, then for this the company has launched two types of plans. A plan in which, together with the recharge, there is a validity of 20 days, 28 days, 56 days, 1 year. There is another plan where the customer earns money by recharging but does not get validity.

In simple language, Hindi means no service validity. The phone is not valid and if said recharge is made. If there is no validity, then the call cannot be made from the phone. Here you will get information about Vodafone and Idea customers. So here you will get this information with what type of recharge is available.

No means of service validity in VI in Hindi

Now as all customers will have an idea that Vodafone and Idea have merged with each other. That is why we know your SIM card by the name of VI. All customers using a Vodafone or Idea SIM card. It has now changed to VI. That’s why you get information here No means of service validity in VI in Hindi on,

If we are going to reload VI, then different types of plans are seen in it. Which varies according to the following price. Like ₹299, ₹359 and ₹479, etc. Internet data is available with these recharges as well as validity is available. As you can see in the image below, the recharge plan is available for 28 days, 28 days and 56 days.

When the client makes any of these recharges. So they get another very important feature along with internet data, unlimited calls, validity i.e. the number of days the validity is written. That recharge will last only that many days.

Along with this there is another type of recharge called VI Without Recharge Service Validity Which means that if the client makes any of these recharges. So after recharging them, they get money on the phone, but they can’t make phone calls or send messages with them. As you can see in the image, there is a No Service Valid tag with every recharge.

VI Without Recharge Service Validity

VI No Service Validity Means This is what happens in a recharge plan of this type in which there is no validity of any kind. In such a situation, if customers know by mistake, they make these top-ups. So it won’t work after the recharge so the recharge is not done with a validity.

What is the Validity of the VI Mobile Recharge Service?

The customer not only has to know what the Vodafone Validity Without Service is. With this it is important to know that what are the types of validity of the service? In such a situation, here we will get detailed information about how many types of recharge validity there are and what they mean.

Whatever the rules regarding the type of SIM card recharge validity, TRAI makes them. In such a situation, all telecom operators must follow this rule. So these are of four types.

  1. NA Service Validity
  2. No validity of service
  3. Service validity
  4. Validity of existing service

NA Service Validity

Since its name is Service Validity NA, then it has the idea that if a top-up has no service validity, it is called Service Validity NA. All reload reloads made in VI reload are under these categories. In such a situation, all the small recharges that are made are named in this category.

The client must take into account that this is NA, whose entire form is Not Applicable, so some top-ups occur like this. Those who enter less money and get some money on them as long as they recharge on the phone. Therefore, functions such as phone calls and messages can be used. These recharge coupons must have been seen in the form of your time back.

No validity of service

The information on this has just been given above. There are top-ups in which no type of validity is available and there are many top-ups of this type at Vodafone Idea that have remained in the category of No Service Validity. Customers can use it in such a way that if they have a valid recharge but for some reason there is no balance left on the phone.

So for that you can recharge for less money. Where we have been informed about VI No Service Validity, we can see in the image how we can top up Rs 50 and Rs 100.

Service validity

When the validity is found in the recharge plan, then it is called Recharge with Validity of Service, said recharge is promoted by the maximum number of clients in the companies. Because such recharges are for at least 20 days, in such a situation, telecom companies want customers to recharge with the validity of the service so that they can use the service for a long time.

In such a situation, it has been seen that telecommunication companies launch different types of offers for their customers, such as unlimited calls, high speed internet, SMS and other benefits, such as access to VI Movies with Vodafone Idea, where there are movies in Hindi and Hindi available. Hollywood movies can be seen.

Validity of existing service

One of those recharge plans that cannot work on its own. It is used with an existing plan, if there is already a recharge on the phone. So it can be used, so its name is also Existing Service Validity.

Its validity is added to the validity of the previous recharge aircraft. In such a situation, people use it more for Internet data packets. When you make a large VI SIM card recharge, you get 1 GB or 2 GB of internet per day. In such a situation, sometimes more Internet is needed, so such recharging is required.

This does not affect the previous recharge of the client’s SIM card and when the new recharge is made, it must be linked to the previous plan. For example, if there is a need for internet, then the customer gets 8gb data on recharge of ₹151 for this. In such a situation, it will be added to the daily top-up received.

Let’s hope No means of service validity in VI in Hindi And if you have information about the Vodafone Idea client. So for this complete information has been provided here. In such a situation, if there is any kind of question then definitely ask a question about it in the comment and share this post with social media.

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